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  1. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    The difference between UCF losing to Navy and Nebraska losing to Navy ...... UCF would be favored going into the game.
  2. Hold OSU to 45 and keep his job? The players didn't execute the plan.
  3. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    After looking at Riley's incentives I'm more baffled he won't do what it takes to win more. Urban will step on Nebraska's necks, break every tradition we hold dear, go for it on 4th and 10 up by 45, go up in the stands and slap their mommas, and not even bother to look at who he's playing because it doesn't matter who it is. We are in the way of his playoff payday. Nothing personal, but he needed 60+ points. Half that drive and we'd win the west without losing our values.
  4. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    I was just researching that. Riley could make over $3 million extra in bonuses if he could win a national championship, $1 million for winning the B1G, $200,000 to win the West, etc.. But he'll struggle to get the $150,000 in bowl appearance bonus this year. Good thing we structured his salary based on success on the field or we'd be shelling out a lot more money. Offer $2.7-3 million base, up the salary of all the assistants, and give them the upside to over double their income each year by winning. Seems like that would draw in a motivated coach. Not sure why it's not working now.
  5. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    He makes $1.7 million now and close to $2 million with incentives (that he'll likely get). Who's going to bother packing the house up without a raise? The last time I bothered to move for a job to another state I was offered enough to make it worth the hassle. Scott Frost makes close enough to Mike Riley's pay as millionaires go. What's a couple hundred thousand here and there once you get close to the $2 million mark. He likely wouldn't be offered less than Riley's $2.7 million if others are interested. With extra incentives it could have an upside of around $3.5 million give or take. Base will go up depending on the season finish and other schools looking. His stock could totally crash if he looses a couple. This month will totally determine the salary potential of both Frost and Riley.
  6. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    I'm a family guy too, but for $4 million a year I would take the family with me in the private plane and hire a nanny for game days.
  7. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    It seems like buying tickets to the games would both show support and raise money at the same time. Hmmmm. They should ask that each week fans donate money in exchange for a piece of paper that allows them to come and watch a game. Then they could have other fundraisers, like charge for parking, and sell food and drinks. It's a novel idea and just could work to keep the coaching staff there.
  8. Read is another subject. I still can't believe we paid $450,000 a year to a guy who couldn't consistently count to 11.
  9. Of course it's tough and cheek. But it does bring up a point. The university could extend him a year, he might fire more underperforming assistant coaches, new coaches might come in and command higher salaries, and the team could still get worse on the field next year. Why is it that even our coordinators struggle here and seem to get worse with each replacement?
  10. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    It appears UCF likes this Frost guy too. He might get some serious offers from around the country at seasons end. Including from his own team. UCF starts "Keep Scott Frost in Orlando Fund”
  11. I think Troll might be better. MR is trolling us while getting paid millions a year. Read $450,000 and the ST got worse. Diaco makes $825,000 vs Banker at $580,000 and Diaco has a worse defense. I'm afraid if they give Riley another year, he'll fire Langs and Cav and pay their replacements hundreds of thousands more for worse results on the field. I don't think he's as nice as people make him out to be. Most others would get charged with theft by deception for doing what he's done.
  12. [Sarcasm]It makes total sense on a colder, windy night to start with protecting the deep threat first and work your way up to defending the run. [/sarcasm] Yeah right. Barrett is a short Passer with around half of his passing at or behind the LOS and another 40 percent within 10 yards. Jam at the line, blitz, spy for the QB or back coming out of the backfield. Hope for the best if they throw long. Their chances of completing longer passes are lower due to route running, miscommunication, drops, wind, inaccuracy, etc. Especially if you get the QB to move. There's a reason they hired a QB coach after the Clemson game last year to help Barrett on making better passing decisions and not taking off too early. Take your chances. Against Maryland here's his passing. Leaving 0-10 yards open wasn't a pass defense plan for a windy night or based on the QB's tendancies. Though I'm not sure they had any plan to stop anything on defense. 10 yards back won't stop the run or Barrett's pass game. It's his comfort zone.
  13. Mobile QB - Requirement in CFB?

    At this point, I'd take a guy who rolls out of the pocket and throws the ball away. If he took the 5 easy yards here and there that would be great. Given our O-line difficulties, I find it odd there are so few roll outs. The QB doesn't need the threat of taking one to the house on every play, but maybe a little mobility and the threat of extending drives with their feet. Lee might as well be running on most downs given how many times he gets hit in a game back while he's in the pocket. Maybe they don't because Lee has a tendency to throw off his back foot.
  14. Not really. In 2 years we should be able to stop splitting games with Purdue, Northwestern, Minnesota, Illinois and have resonable confidence in playing Iowa. The fact that given the teams recent history, makes winning the next 3 games a less than 50 percent proposition is telling. Forget trying to be Wisconsin, OSU, or even Iowa at this point. Next year's schedule looks brutal because everyone knows they'll struggle against the worst in the B1G too.
  15. Bill Moos named AD

    I wonder who he's going to go after for a basketball coach. Miles can't keep fielding doormat teams with losing records and struggling to stay at #11 out of 12 teams for too long before that catches up. I think it's funny that people think message boards represent a fan base. There's no guarantee a person posting is even a fan. Fans are the easiest people to troll on the internet. Facebook, Twitter, message boards are not the fans. Nobody cares about our opinions here. They care about ticket sales, ad revenue, TV timeslots, and the people who pay the bills. Random opinions on the internet, ha.