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  1. Spring Game Ticket Sales

    I don't think they do. But how many spring games have sold out? That's a new thing too. The university and fans should invite them to our new and improved game day atmosphere. It would also be nice to get another gameday in Lincoln before Corso dies. Herbstreet would be forced to pick Nebraska too.
  2. Spring Game Ticket Sales

    Does anyone think BTN will tape delay our spring game again this year? Heck college game day might show up.
  3. Spring Game Ticket Sales

    I got on before 10am, put 4 tickets in the basket and it said sorry try again. I did that several times then it said sold out. So even being there before it started and putting them in the cart didn't work. I didn't complain on twitter though, even though my kid was very disappointed. Life can be disappointing at times. No need for a public tantrum about it. I have several relatives and friends who are always looking to off load season tickets for some games they are too busy to attend. I'm sure not paying a scalper for a scrimmage when I can probably get tickets to one or two real games at similar prices. I'll keep on the lookout for the 4 $10 spring game tickets I had taken from my cart. If they start winning again, any ticket will be impossible to get and the prices will go even higher. Season ticket holders might start complaining about higher ticket prices over time instead of complaining about how they couldn't get anyone to take their OSU tickets for free. I hope that's the case.
  4. Spring Game Ticket Sales

    I've sat in that area several times. You won't be able to see the big screen and miss out on that. But the time it was raining, they were the best seats in the house.
  5. Spring Game Ticket Sales

    I got on at 10 when they went on sale, loaded 4 in the cart and got a reply I couldn't get them, but try again. Did 10 times and then it was sold out. I could load my cart, but the purchase would never get to the next step and put me in a loop. Went to stub hub right after and there are hundreds on sale starting at $40 up to the $700 club seats. So she has a point. Do ticket brokers get an allotment too? I'll start asking some of the season ticket holders here and fish around. Otherwise I'll buy a good bottle of scotch and watch it with friends. No reason to pay $50 a ticket for a scrimmage. I'll be able to find similarly priced tickets to actual games.
  6. Saban has a better run going, but he just seems so blah. Alabama is like a brute force team deep enough to plow through a 4 team playoff if he can politic their way in on the years they don't win the head to head. He's not really an innovative coach. The best strategic coaching I've seen out of him to date is pulling Jalen Hurts for the second half of the last game. Nobody really talks about Alabama's innovation on either side of the ball; just how good of players they have. They expect to win then line up and beat you down until they win. Unless they don't. Osborne won with a brute force wear the other guy down plan too. It would have been interesting if he could have gotten into a playoff system with more of his 1 loss teams. I think more games and a playoff system would have greatly benefited the physical Nebraska teams chances of finishing on top. As mentioned, at least Osborne called his own games and on top of it he had to finish undefeated to have any chance of winning a championship. Given that simple criteria, Saban would have 1 championship at Alabama. I think there are better football minds out there then Saban. He's smart enough to hire them.
  7. Noah Vedral Transferring to Nebraska

    Of course, the school can also cut athletes or cancel entire programs leaving the students without their scholorships. So the whole mess has moved into a "we're not professional", but here's a contract you should have your lawyer review. How about this, don't block coaches or students OR bind coaches and students to schools. Cut a kid from the team but you have to honor his scholarship, etc. Unless they fail to meet contractual standards. Bind players to 4 years without transfer and force coaches to stay for the length they signed up for with no buyouts or leaving. A contract is a contract. If Jimbo Fischer can transfer, students should be able to transfer.
  8. Noah Vedral Transferring to Nebraska

    The interesting thing is even with the power tilted to UCF in this specific instance, Vedral left and will not play for them. The NCAA was looking into the matter last year and from how most articles read, they'll stop the practice of blocking students. So does he count against UCF's scholarship limits. If so, when Heuphel wants to free it up, he should threaten to go back just to mess with them. Schools should start adding these sorts of clauses into the coaching contracts too. That way our AD could block any coach from any other school he pleases. The coach could quit and work coach at the other school for free if they want.
  9. I guess some other example then. I never watched any of their games, because I'm not a fan.
  10. Under this rule the Alabama QB could have redshirted this year and won a national championship for the team. Seems a little odd. But so does burning a redshirt for the last game due to someone else's injury. Maybe just make everyone eligible longer like the 5 to 5 mentioned.
  11. 3-5 yrs

    The good thing is we currently have the talent to beat every single team in the B1G west division and at least 2 of our non-conference opponents. It will be nice to win the majority of those games for once with some decent fundamentals, coaching, clock management, and an upgrade in play calling now and then. Make OSU punt. I expect that to happen year 1-2. Not being 4-8 with a coach all but fired will make recruiting next year way easier. Worrying about the big boys is a little on the silly side when your team is splitting games with Northwestern, Purdue, Minnesota and Iowa. However, this team has the personnel on roster such that getting to a Wisconsin level in year 2 is not some insurmountable goal. Who wouldn't take that right now? Winning the Division, maybe getting a shot at a CC game, maybe staying within 2 scores of national championship caliber teams at the end of a game instead of for the first 4 minutes. Recruiting will pick up. Ohio state doesn't get high level recruits because Columbus, Ohio has better beaches or mountains then Nebraska (Tuscaloosa, Alabama for that matter), so I don't agree with the "it's harder to recruit" thing. It's cold, wet, hot, humid, flat, etc. at these places. Winning and culture will make them want to come here. If they don't want to come be a part of it, that's fine. They'll mess up the culture of excessive amounts of hard work anyway. I think the staff is going to shock some players with their definition of hard work. What other staff in the country recruited for one school and prepped a team at another school for a new year's day bowl?
  12. 3-5 yrs

    I found it interesting when ESPN mentioned that the parents of Alabama's star QB recruit, Tua Tagovailoa, moved from Hawaii to Alabama. Dad gets a new job, mom gets a new job, family gets a new house, younger brother is playing football in Alabama. I guess recruiting star players isn't as hard as people think. Alabama managed to recruit the whole family there. https://www.seccountry.com/alabama/crimson-tide-qb-tua-tagovailoas-brother-taulia-top-2019-qb-family-moving-alabama So do we up our recruiting game to compete with the SEC? I hope not. Something doesn't pass my smell test.
  13. 3-5 yrs

    Last night they went on an on about the Freshmen. Freshmen RBs, QBs, WRs, linemen. For Georgia, From is a true Freshman, Ridley is a true freshman. For Alabama, a true freshman QB threw the game winning TD to a freshman wide receiver in OT. Winning on the field will hopefully bring in some wins in the recruiting phase so we can get more impact players like Spielman who played to very the last snap of the season. It will take winning just enough at first to sell recruits and climb up the recruiting class ranking, until like Ohio State or Alabama we can toss in a true freshman due to injury or lack of performance and put winning a championship on their shoulders.
  14. Big ten verse Everyone else...?

    Heck Syracuse beat Clemson this year. It's not as big of an accomplishment as people are making it out to be.
  15. Big ten verse Everyone else...?

    Not only that but he went on a tour of sports shows to plead his case before the selection was made. No reason to listen to Saban beg as part of a conference championship pregame show.