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  1. Extremely impressed with the new staff on the recruiting trail

    We're debating wining conference championships when the team typically finishes 3rd to 5th in the West division of the conference. How about we worry about beating Purdue and Minnesota, keeping Iowa under 50 and making OSU punt once this decade. Recruiting service class ranking is the absolute least of our problems at this point. Frost needs to turn around a short recruiting season and is behind the 8 ball finding kids in weeks instead of months. But more importantly whoever he manages to bring on board, he needs to field a team that knows how to play fundamental football and has serviceable depth. In a year or two and we'll know if these coaches are good recruiters. If they manage to fill the roster this year with any stars, it's a good indication that they are.
  2. Peach Bowl

    I agree with the guy in Orlando. Frost shouldn't coach the game and focus all of his attention on Nebraska. But who else will coach them if all their coaches moved here? Frost coaching the game seems the most gentlemanly thing to do and the right thing to do for the kids. People outside the coaches and players might have a problem, but someone will either way no matter what, so err on the side of doing the right thing for the players.
  3. Peach Bowl

    Heupel is a good fit for that offense. Randy Shannon from UF as D coordinator.
  4. Peach Bowl

    It will be on TV to watch. There is no reason to go or comment on the UCF boards. If UCF wants to support their team they should. But I doubt there are that many fans in the stands from either side based on the attendance at bowl games last year.
  5. 50+ to Purdue last year and Minnesota this year when they were down even by their low standards. Fun? Nope. There's losing and then there's losing.
  6. ESPN-How Nebraska Got Scott Frost

    ESPN doesn't hate us but they do know that Scott Frost might not have been smart taking the Nebraska job over another top tier school like Florida or Tennessee, because recruiting will be hard in Nebraska. They spent 10 minutes saying just that last night during their bowl selection show and the show after. It appears we have cold weather here that may scare off recruits if they come visit in November. Recruiting at UCF is easier then Nebraska because Frost could walk out of his office, throw a rock and hit good players. Yet his QB is from Hawaii. Go figure. So why is recruiting in Nebraska harder than any other cold weather school in states at similar latitudes or north of Nebraska (roughly 1/2 of the country)? Maybe Nebraska should only recruit in Nebraska and add Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin. I don't know, it could work, since the teams from there are 1/3 of the top 10 right now. If recruits don't want to go anywhere cold, or learn how to handle bad weather, they should give up any hope of ever playing in the NFL.
  7. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Every argument Saban tossed out in his "Please select Alabama tour" before the Championships were played could have been turned on him and used to select Wisconsin. They had a similar but slightly better strength of schedule then Alabama and they only lost their last game to a top 10, 2 loss team on the road. Plus Wisconsin played in the conference championship and won one more game this season. In summary, Saban is a tool and any reason the selection committee used to justify Alabama applied equally to Wisconsin. They just wanted 2 SEC teams and need to admit it without any song and dance attempt to cover that up. I hope Georgia and Alabama lose in the first round and UCF beats Auburn. I doubt I'll tune in to watch a Georgia/Alabama conference championship game if that's the way it ends up. p.s. SCOTT FROST IS NEBRASKA'S NEW COACH!!!!!
  8. Any one heard if Strength coach fired yet?

    I wonder how many players will realize that coach is in the weight room working out in the mornings and might be taking mental notes on who else is there. The guy poked his old team mates about being out of shape and mentioned he's been busy but needs to work out. Frost will get some sleep, then probably workout each day while recruiting, spending time with family, moving, adjusting to a new job, and getting another team ready to face Auburn. What's the team's excuse for skipping a workout? Studying for finals and visiting grandma's house over Christmas. They don't have a game to worry about. It might be a good time to take the initiative and talk to the new strength and conditioning staff about what they should be doing starting tomorrow. It won't be easier if they wait and gain some unneeded pounds over Christmas break. Excuses aren't going to fly anymore.
  9. The Scott Frost Diet

    You guys eat too much.
  10. Time to do our part

    I put up the Big Red N Christmas light in the front yard for the first time in years today. I'm N.
  11. Erik Chinander

    I'm almost certain Oklahoma beat one of the teams in the B1G championship game and are already in the CFP. So yes, please let NE be the Oklahoma of the B1G.
  12. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    I'm wearing black out of respect for UCF. Oh wait it's for my kid's game. I'll change into red later.
  13. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Either one of these teams would destroy the Nebraska D. Who is the winner projected to play in the Peach Bowl? Hopefully another top 25 team.
  14. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Maybe they were there to go to Disney. IF UCF fans bought all the tickets there would be no red. Nebraska fans could still get into the game if they went down now.
  15. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    UCF's Milton has thrown an interception at the 1 and in the endzone. That's a tough 14 points to give up.