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  1. It's the truth. Back in the championship days the defense won games when the offense needed. Like beating K-state 17-6 with Matt Turman. Don't let Wisconsin score a TD in the 3rd and win the game. Iowa wins ugly games using their defense, not making excuses about getting tired or something. The Defense is much better then they have been and kept us in games. They also haven't won any. Lije stopping Maryland's last drive.
  2. How many long 3rd downs did they give up? I saw 2 in OT. Definitely got trucked by Michigan. Like Pelini getting Wisconsined. They talked about that game several times tonight.
  3. Do you follow the team. Even the announcers knew he's been injured.
  4. I will admit Rhule sucks at time management. Feel bad for our Freshman kicker. Tons of pressure. But remember if we turn it over tossing it in the enzone everyone is mad too. I remember a pick by Purdy last week when everyone said kick it.
  5. If most people think the Defense is sucking because of the OC then the board is not worth it. Our old school Defense would have taken a 14 point lead and won the game. So if they want off the field, 3 and out the other team and stop making excuses.
  6. You know you can put people on ignore? I'm starting to do it to anyone who only analysis of the game is fire the OC. Even when the team is on Defense.
  7. All of our scoring has been on 55 yard plus plays. May as well throw it downfield and take a shot.
  8. To bad Wiscosin is passing instead of running. They are more effective passing.
  9. This team is better than they were last year. We lost 2 games by 3 because of 5 turnovers in those games. Another by 3 with 2 turnovers in the 4th quarter. Any QB play like this in the year and they are already bowl eligible. If they win/lose and get to a toilet bowl or not won't change the fact this team is getting better already and will have a full year of recruiting for next year. The transfer portal can change an offense in a heartbeat. We are looking at the past rather than looking forward. Frost isn't here anymore and Rhule has already won more games in a season.
  10. He pulled a groin and is finally healthy. That's why the went for it on 4th and 1 instead of a FG try earlier.
  11. Fire the Defense coordinator. He sucks. Since we go down that route.
  12. Whatever, the defense let them go 66 yards. If they score after half do we blame the OC too?
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