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  1. Just win 6 and go to a bowl for the first time in a couple years. Win more, but just win 6. Wisconsin didn't do much better.
  2. Terrible turnover. Someone take Martinez trap shooting.
  3. Before he got here we weren't winning any quarters. After he got here we are winning some quarters and losing games. 0-6 last year was not on coaching. This team does not know how to play 4 quarters. Osbourne wouldn't do anything other than support Frost 100% and agree with everything he's doing. I doubt the old man could do better.
  4. Well he has 7 years to fix it. I'm assuming he asked for the contract he did because he's not blind. A true sophomore QB that wouldn't have come here without him. Losing his first year recruiting other than that QB, this loser mentality team, etc. Get to a bowl and move on.
  5. There's no holding in college football anymore. They want the high scoring games. The entire D from the 90s would be ejected from games for the hits they did.
  6. Martinez threw that high. He's nervous this year.
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