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  1. We lost the game running. Fumble to TD.
  2. We lost the game running. Fumble to TD.
  3. So we run it and fumble. But the Int is the problem. Run the ball. 50-50 at that point.
  4. My guess is coach prime is under NCAA investigation in a year or two.
  5. In the past the Defense didn't need the offense. If they want to rest get another 3 and out.
  6. Why is 3rd and 8 the best play for other offenses?
  7. 3 man rush double teamed sack. Then Minn pulls a Nebraska.
  8. I'd take Riley over Frost. Same record, costs less. I think this play on the road first game against Big 10+ stuff is dumb. The conference is dumb and should follow the SEC cupcake 3 games and 1 before the conference championship model.
  9. Tight end open on a quick throw. Toss it lower to be safe.
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