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  1. Atta boy Moos ! Let's have some fun now gents.
  2. I want to believe you. Sounds fair though. He has had offer in hand for a bit now. He was not pulling trigger, which made me worry a bit. I feel better to hear he was after more $ and not thinking of another school. Will still feel better once it is announced. Not sold on plan B (although, not bad), so would like to see this thing end quickly !
  3. Ha. I see what you are doing here !! Nice try. LOL Welcome to HB. I hope you stick around for awhile.
  4. Isn't Frost's wife from Arizona?? Pac 12 ties, and home for wife ? May not be so far fetched.
  5. Transition question

    This ! The comment that we won't have a coach until the first of the year is absurd. The next coach will be in place very soon (2nd week of December at very latest ! Apparently the poster doesn't understand "recruiting" and how everything works. There are numerous examples of coaches being hired as their team prepares for a bowl game. Frost could be the HC and Nebraska and being "present' when UCF plays in a bowl. I don't see Frost "abandoning" UCF prior to bowl. Nebraska will allow him to recruit, put staff in place, and ALSO help UCF prepare for bowl. Frost DESERVES the chance to coach his team in a New Year's 6 (if they make it). Only way this could NOT happen is if UCF gets butt hurt and won't allow him too.
  6. Craig Bohl

    I don't disagree with the fact that Bohl could probably "eventually" succeed, but he will not get the time. Unless you are SF, or another "big time" name, you will only get 3-4 years. Just look at the track record. BC (sorry, had to go there), was a bigger name, Bo was even "beloved" more than Bohl, and now MR.....if Husker Nation isn't completely on board with the hire, your time table is greatly reduced. SF gets at least 5, if nothing else based on every Husker fan not wanting to admit that this isn't the same Nebraska they knew or the fact that they are (were) 127 pages WRONG. (We are NOT wrong, this is for my "point" only). If Bohl is an "emergency" hire, then Moos is probably not the guy we thought we were getting. You don't bring in a guy to make an "emergency" hire. He knew MR was gone the day he was hired, so this isn't coming down to a 3-week race to find candidate. There will be no emergency hire. Maybe a solid back up plan or two.
  7. Craig Bohl

    I am a Bohl fan, but this isn't going to happen. Moos has way too many connections to just reach out and grab a "fairly" obscure name. Bohl is well known in these parts, but not as widely respected as he should be. Moos went out and brought Leach clear up to WAZU. He isn't looking for any "local" guy. Not sure Husker Nation would be as excited for Bohl than a "sexier" hire. The pulse of Husker Nation on the hire, will help determine how long the new coach gets to turn it around. Thus, helping decide how long Moos gets a "pass". The AD job depends on football success, and I am not sure that Moos pins his hopes on Bohl.
  8. Man, page 119, and we thought we were pissed when Owa didn't commit.
  9. 2018 Draft

    Brown Morgan (probably leave early, especially with change coming) Kalu Jones DPE would have, but injuries have just killed his ability. We saw it last week. He gets tackled in open field, when 4 years ago he is gone. I just respect the fact that he is still playing. He has gone through a ton !
  10. As long as he doesn't read the wasted pages talking about irrelevant crap. 96 pages to say what could be accomplished in the 7 that UCF has.
  11. The one thing that gives me a little hope is that surely Frost is getting told that his stock will never be higher. He is pretty much in a position to name his cost. Unless he can go undefeated another year (% against that), he will never be in such demand.
  12. I am confident that Kelly is next HC at Florida. Wish I was as confident in Frost coming to Nebraska. I stick with my original prediction that he stays put. Just wish I knew who our 2nd choice is.
  13. Non-Scott Frost Coaching Options

    I am not a huge Bert fan, but could get behind his style. Consistently put Oline into NFL. Bob Stoops Jon Gruden Chip Kelly (could live with it) Kevin Steele (DC at Auburn, huge Nebraska ties)
  14. I agree with you on Leach. Although fun to listen too and pretty good coach, I am not sure he is the guy. I wasn't saying that I would "want" either one, just that their names would make sense entering the conversation. My take on Frost is based on nothing other than gut feeling. Reading articles and listening to people whom I think "should" be closer to the situation than most, have me thinking that Frost is a long shot. Way too many people and articles written about Frost at Florida or staying put. I think that there is too much smoke surrounding those rumors to not take it serious that he doesn't have Nebraska first on his list. He wasn't treated well here at all and really doesn't have a strong connection as we would like him to have.
  15. Interesting that Nate is hearing Leach and Kelly. I have read Leach in a couple of different stories written by National Media, outside of Nebraska predicting Leach. I blew it off because of the "natural" connection between Leach and Moos. Kelly's name has been there since day 1 for also obvious reasons. Wonder if Nate is hearing anything other than what we are hearing, or is he just stating the obvious. Would be surprised if Frost actually ends up here, so both of those names will probably come into play.