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  1. Interesting List

    Thought this would be thought-provoking, a list of the top 50 collegiate recruiting expenditures: http://businessofcollegesports.com/2012/01/23/conference-recruiting-expense-series-top-50-spenders/
  2. chrewy Chips ahoy

    I'll be honest: I'm on my second year here at Ohio State and I've become quite disillusioned with the football culture. I love the games - football, basketball, and hockey - but at the end of the day, the prevailing attitudes and behaviors are just way too out of control for my tastes. It's offensive to say this, but I feel like too many people let this hysteria define their lives because if everyone's doing it, nobody can think they're shallow people. I'll take my sports with the crowd in the Yankees bleachers over the crowd in the Horseshoe any day. Maybe when I'm older and my friends are older, when I'm not obliged to crappy OSU parties and drunken fist fights between tough guys from Dayton and Youngstown, I'll find the scene more approachable.
  3. tOSU

    I hope Tressel benches them for the Sugar Bowl. They have disgraced the program by selling their Big Ten Championship rings and Golden Pants. I hope they don't step foot in Ohio Stadium ever again.
  4. Absolutely Crazy Ending

    They still never won a Super Bowl.
  5. Big Ten Division Name Change

    I like the weather combinations. Wind and Rain, Mud and Snow, Overcast and Partly Sunny
  6. Absolutely Crazy Ending

    I was not pleased.
  7. b12 exit a precursor to b10 entry?

    It is not how you say it at all. I'm a student at OSU and everyone I have spoken to at games and at the bars and so forth are all really happy about Nebraska coming into the conference and how your program is such a good fit. The only places on the internet (well, anywhere) where people seem to think that there is this crazy couch-burning, child-eating monolith of a conference coming to pillage Lincoln are on Nebraska websites. I get the impression that you really want the hatred though; anything based on blind hatred and fear instead of rational observation is going to be more a more powerful experience, so it's understandable that you want this to exist. The reality is that most sports fans from any team (except Miami [FL], they don't have any fans) are decent people who are more than happy to share a good time at a football game. I have seen this even between Buckeyes and Wolverines. The only people that really get into the hate and fear-mongering are people who have developed a psychosis dependent on that relationship, or they're drunk college students. Hardly a serious position to take. EDIT: And considering the overwhelming support from Big Ten fans on this forum earlier in the year makes this thread all the more ridiculous.
  8. ** Official Venting thread

    I was too drunk last night to be mad. I'm upset because I was hoping Nebraska would come into the Big Ten with an ass-kicking mandate after a BCS game, but now some irritable Big 12 fans have the overbearing impression that Nebraska "couldn't handle the heat". That pisses me off.
  9. 10 wins.... Really?

    way balme wisconsan?
  10. TCU to Join the Big East

    So BYU is independent, Utah and TCU left... Hahaha Boise State.
  11. Nebraska-Oklahoma by the numbers

    And then there's this statistic: Number of referees pissed off: #120 Nebraska - All of them
  12. Nebraska-Oklahoma by the numbers

    The real question is: "Can they count backwards from 60?"
  13. This video is part 4 of a series discussing research on brain damage and child abuse. This part deals with how political beliefs are not products of any reasoning and evidence (ever get into a frustrated argument? Yes, there's a scientific reason for people ignoring reason). Truly one of the most remarkable and enlightening videos I have ever watched. It gets into the meat of the matter about mid-way through. Very scientific, so please watch it with a clear mind.