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  1. The davis twins with the two fastest 40 yard times at the combine for DLinemen
  2. Snyder to southern cal per Sean Callahan
  3. I think he is from the area, wanted to play closer to home.
  4. Just announced Fish and Held’s payraises...well deserved.
  5. Sure seems to be heading that direction and im ok with it. Both teams and fan bases dont like eachother based on former player, current player quotes and also opposing fans visiting eachother’s boards. Hopefully we can win this friday and get that cute trophy back in our hands and string a few more together after. cheers to good tough game GBR
  6. Listen im just as encouraged as you about our offensive direction, but we can get 500+ ypg on anyone wont matter unless we put the ball in the end zone .
  7. They stopped us when it counted, all that really matters is the points scored at the end.
  8. Right. Im still disappointed, he flashed when healthy last season
  9. Tyrin Ferguson has been removed from the team
  10. Chris Hickman list at WR on this weeks depth chart
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