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  1. May I suggest we run the flea flicker. Or the fumblerooski?
  2. Iowa will pull their starters in the 4th and Tanner will throw 3 Yes, then we can hear how he didn't do too bad.
  3. Is there a word worse than bad? Terrible? Embarrassing?
  4. Pull all the starters. Give the 2s and 3s some time now. The team has quit.
  5. Perhaps the worst NU defense I have seen since I started watching them back in 1979. 99 yard TD drive? Looked too easy.
  6. It's like watching a train wreck. How comical can this get????
  7. I'm really hoping for a record score against NU. Maybe it'll push Moos into changing his mind about canning the whole coaching staff.
  8. When does it become a matter of pride? Who likes getting beat like this? How much in $$$ for scholarships is the school giving these underachievers? If SF does come, he has a bad virus in this team to get rid of.
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