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  1. May I suggest we run the flea flicker. Or the fumblerooski?
  2. Iowa will pull their starters in the 4th and Tanner will throw 3 Yes, then we can hear how he didn't do too bad.
  3. Is there a word worse than bad? Terrible? Embarrassing?
  4. Pull all the starters. Give the 2s and 3s some time now. The team has quit.
  5. Perhaps the worst NU defense I have seen since I started watching them back in 1979. 99 yard TD drive? Looked too easy.
  6. It's like watching a train wreck. How comical can this get????
  7. I'm really hoping for a record score against NU. Maybe it'll push Moos into changing his mind about canning the whole coaching staff.
  8. When does it become a matter of pride? Who likes getting beat like this? How much in $$$ for scholarships is the school giving these underachievers? If SF does come, he has a bad virus in this team to get rid of.
  9. I guess when you run the same offense as 85% of the rest of the league, have facilities that are top notch, but not far superior to the other big programs anymore, are many miles away from the likes of CA, TX, GA, FL, etc. and have a head coach that keeps coordinators like Banker around.....you're bound to come up a bit short. But we cannot forget......these guys NU were going after are the TOP NOTCH guys in the pick. Just to see a hat with the 'N' on the table is something. Been a pretty decent while since I saw that many N hats on the table for such a small group that was nationally announcing. I think it is steps forward.
  10. Looking for any help and recommendations on where to stay for a weekend of football over Labor Day. Coming in from California so any suggestions or recommendations on where to stay to be close to any/all activities would be great. I've heard the Embassy Suites is a possibility.....is that somewhat close to the stadium as well as any activities that happen during a game weekend? Thank you in advance!!!!
  11. Sure hope the 'we don't get any respect at NU' crowd finally figures out why. 2nd rate talent, 3rd rate coaching, the NU program of old is looooong gone. This is the new NU.
  12. Outclassed in every aspect of the game today. NU will soon be the teams people pay to play at their home stadium. I don't even think we could compete against the top D-II teams nowadays.
  13. Yup. Changes need to be made. Doubt nice guy Riley will do it though.
  14. What progress? 9 wins under Pelini was the norm. Blown out in big games. Never showed up on the National stage. What progress?
  15. At least Jake Browning did his thing for Washington. That's a bright spot for me today.
  16. Hopefully they'll give NU a participation trophy. I'd hate to see these guys get nothing for their stellar season.
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