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  1. HuskerNation03


    This has nothing to do with the fans at the game. But our uo and coming fans our disrespecting out tradition of best fans in the nation! I was at the reservation tailgating in the Miami game and there was 3 buses driving into a reserved spot that they had. And what did kids do!? Throw beer and whatever they had at the buses! That's our future ticket holders and that's not right. I'm ashamed of what Happears
  2. HuskerNation03

    Terrell Clinkscales Decommits

    Sean Callahan ‏@Sean_Callahan3h Was told Terrell Clinkscales never even informed the Nebraska staff he was de-committing and broke the news to them through Twitter.
  3. HuskerNation03

    The Devaney Center Renovation Project

    I thought they were going to make a new south entrance? So that it's all ground level, instead of walking up the concrete like the North side
  4. HuskerNation03

    Stadium Expansion

    Thought the seats would be closer to the court!?
  5. HuskerNation03

    The Devaney Center Renovation Project

    Anybody got any updates on how the progress is coming in and outside the Bob?
  6. HuskerNation03

    New field turf for 2013

  7. HuskerNation03

    Stadium Expansion

    The Metal sheeting will start to fade over the years into a different color, almost a copper like color i believe
  8. HuskerNation03

    Stadium Expansion

    http://twitpic.com/bwbf29/full http://twitpic.com/bwbcoj/full Idk how to put the pic straight on here so here is the link.. i didn't take these
  9. HuskerNation03

    Stadium Expansion

    Not sure they are to worried about the sound system at this point
  10. HuskerNation03

    Stadium Expansion

    I like how their are 12 entrances for the new upper deck. lot easier to get in and out compared to the 5 on the first deck..
  11. HuskerNation03

    Let us pray....Husker Prayer ONLY!

    Day By Day...