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  1. Sort of, they are not Born Again Christians, which Ron Brown most definitely is. I don't want to get into a religious discussion, but the beliefs between Mormans (LDS) and Born Again Christians are vastly different.
  2. Sean Callahan on "Big Red Wrap-Up" stated that Nebraska will likely hand out 28 scholarships..... Could even be a couple more, as we will more than likely have a few greyshirts (probably 2 for sure) as well as a couple guys come in January that will count for last year.
  3. Yep that's right, the word is three weeks now, which for his team is likely the season. This is good in both respects as he probably won't have to take the punishment of getting no blocking, but his shoulder should be fine.
  4. It's official, he's out for the year. Probably good for him though, apparently size-wise he is one of, if not the biggest kid on the team. Hopefully he gets his shoulder rehabed and can come in and compete next year.
  5. Well, you answered that yourself. Take Leslie = don't get the "better" person Don't take Leslie = more than likely get a "better" person Obviously at this point "better" is relative and we won't really know how these players compare for a few years. But it's obvious that our coaches are after other targets that they view as better than Leslie and apparently also believe we have a good shot at landing.
  6. My mistake on Gray then. I thought Helu and Mendoza had been moved to defense? Um, no. Helu has played against both Nevada and Ball State and Mendoza is redshirting.
  7. Word is he separated his throwing shoulder and will be out for the rest of the season.
  8. Indeed a "student' Anyway, if you believe Leslie to be so good, why do you think the coaches slow played him, which the OBVIOUSLY did. I'm not saying it was the right decision, because maybe he will turn out to be an all-american, but you can't truly believe the coaches went after him hard, especially in the last few months. Why would they do this? Apparently you think they screwed up and he is a better prospect than they think, because if the coaches thought as highly of him as you seem to, they would have certainly made a more concerted effort to get him to visit.
  9. Yes, I think it was needed. It seems that whenever we don't get a recruit we offerred some people think it's the end of the world. I have heard from very reliable sources (not Rivals or Scout) that the coaches pretty much decided they have better prospects than Leslie. If you think the coaches "botched" this one, fine that's your opinion. But I think it's pretty obvious they believe we are in on better prospects.
  10. Are we on the same planet? Have you looked at the class? Steinkuhler? Givens? Hoch? Possibly Robinson? Are you prosposing we just take 25 o-linemen?
  11. His HS team is god-awful. I also heard a rumor that he may have disloacted his shoulder. Needless to say, his o-line sucks.
  12. Because we are after better prospects!!!11!!!!1 That's not an opinion, it's how it is. Our coaches more or less told him to wait and see if we have a spot for him, we have guys like Bushell who we would rather have!!!!!!
  13. I think we would take both. I would not be a bit surprised to see Baker moved to DT, or at least given a shot at it. He is a physical freak and DT is one of our biggest needs. We have good young players on the OL already on campus (Smith, Jones, Williams, Burkes, M. Jones, Hickman, etc) as well as a couple very good ones this year (Givens, Hoch) it wouldn't completely surprise me if we took both Thompson and Robinson.
  14. Actually they did ask Gray where he thought Demens was going. Gray was on the phone during Big Red Wrap up this week and Gray said he didn't think Demens was going to either Michigan or Michigan State. Perhaps he was just being positive or doesn't really know where he's going, but apparently it wouldn't be a shock to Jonas if Kenny picked Nebraska.
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