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  1. Behind the scenes you can bet many Regents are talking to SE. Hal Daub is running for reelection. His opponent is Barbara Weitz. If Weitz wanted to win, she would make Riley issue number one. But she is just running as a vanity candidate. In any event, we don't need UNL to become even more like Carleton College, her alma mater.
  2. I paid $9 for a beer and $20 to park yesterday. I have never paid such high prices in Lincoln. A failed football program has enormous financial implications throughout the whole state and for years if this continues. USA Today reported a few years back that UNL athletics had revenue of $101m and expenses of $98m; top numbers for the NCAA and one of the few programs that shows a profit. With more conference revenue and the new Adidas deal, the gross revenue today probably approaches $150 million. The top AD staffers and coaches (all sports) probably take 1
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