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  1. kindly show Purdy his way back to the portal
  2. Purdy has zero touch on the ball no wiggle either
  3. I won't exactly be heartbroken to see Whipple leave
  4. I think Whip or Busch said the week off helped to rejuvenate them
  5. how dare you say that. The guys are playing hard for him
  6. I've said from the start that there's a reason why MJ has never been mentioned in any HC searches. He's a great position coach, great recruiter, but just not HC material.
  7. pretty sure TA already has his guy, and it's not Urb.
  8. Welp. So much for Smothers. Illinois about to deliver the KO punch
  9. willing to bet they'll try that same play again later
  10. pretty much epitomizes why he hasn't seen the field
  11. nice to see the defense getting a little confidence
  12. I still think all the points left on the field will bite us at the end.
  13. Pretty sure Jack Hoffman was faster when he ran his TD
  14. only time Yant should be in the game is when it's 3rd and 1
  15. Welp, we have already eclipsed the Illini's average for points allowed per game
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