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  1. There's a weird thing that happened with Frost that has continued with Heupel. Both of them would run tiny rbs up the middle. It was mostly ineffective and would frequently cost us series, but Frost would continue to run our smallest back despite the criticism and Heupel has continued the tradition. I have to assume that they are both idiots or that there is something about this strategy that sets up bigger plays later. Have y'all seen the same thing in your run game?
  2. I can't speak to players, but I see y'all having a lot of the same problems with a lot of the same coaches that we did. Difficult for me to speculate more than that.
  3. Fan support is definitely squarely in the advantage column for the program.
  4. Now is the perfect time for staff changes, though. It shows that Frost is paying attention and tweaking things. Another bad year and it looks like you're trying to save your butt by throwing staff under the bus.
  5. Yeah, nothing you can do about that at the time. There were a few Husker fans that said, "he's gotta be good", but most were saying something like, 'let's hope it works out'. But now is a good time to start cleaning house (at the end of the season). I don't remember special teams being great, but we've had struggles in the past with special teams. I'm surprised more haven't turned against Walters. He was an empty chair at UCF.
  6. I think this is my first time posting here in a year. I saw that the Huskers had another rough week, so I thought it was a good time to pop in and see how y'all are doing. I'm still rooting for y'all and Frost. I know that I've preached patience with his system/culture in the past, but the results have definitely been delayed more than I was expecting. I still think he's the best man for the job. I wish I had some profound thoughts to bring as someone probably more familiar with the differences between Nebraska and Florida/UCF than most, but it seems like y'all have a pretty good idea of the situation. A few thoughts that I've seen here that I agree with: -Still believe in Frost. Teams pay a lot to get coaches that won't go anywhere and ones that are proven winners/program builders. Frost is both. -Now is a good time to start having hard conversations about the assistant coaches. Some of them we were sad to see go, some we were not. -Chinander is not good. He sucked at UCF and he's being exposed against Big10 competition without an incredible offense. -Mackenzie Milton might have been more special than anyone knew. Frost's offense is difficult to run well. Again, I still think Frost is the guy, but his offense seems to be suited to Oregon/Florida speed athletes and doesn't work as well with Midwestern power athletes. That doesn't mean it can't work, just that it will take time. Just like Swinney turning a school in overfished South Carolina around almost entirely with culture, Frost needs to make Nebraska a destination for athletes from all over. Still rooting for y'all, go Big Red.
  7. You don't seem to lack confidence. Well, it wasn't just one word. There was an edited quote attached. And you'll notice that my post was posed as a question, not a definitive statement. I wasn't saying that we shouldn't use statistics. I was merely stating that I believed statistical arguments were imperfect and those problems are exacerbated in team sports such as college football that have a lot of variables affecting the outcome. I'm a big fan of statistics, but I could utilize statistics to show you how a coach is the worst in the league and holding his team back or how a coach is the best in the league and would have a Sabanesque career if he were in a similar situation. My argument is that you should look for context for the statistics. Fans of previous stops in the coaches career is a convenient way to provide some context.
  8. You are positing that all statistical arguments for or against coaches are perfect because...reasons?
  9. Y'all, the problem with making statistical arguments for coaches is that football is a team sport with many different factors. TOP for the offense, quality of the players, strength of opponents can all make a good DC look bad and vice versa. This is why when evaluating coaches, I often look to the fans of teams the coach has worked for. They know the opponents relative strength, the tempo of the offense, how good the recruits were and how developed they have become as players. When Charlie Strong left UF, a Gator friend of mine said, "He's been looking for HC jobs for years and no one wants him. And we're not sad to see him go." After hearing that, I knew that he was never going to be a hugely successful HC. Y'all know me, I'm a reasonable guy. I don't come here to flame, I come here b/c I like you guys. Here's what I know: Every UCF fan I know was sad about every coach leaving the program except one. I don't know any serious fan that wasn't happy about Chins leaving. We know the opponents, the tempo, and the development of recruits. And we all think that he's a mediocre coach at best. I mean, how bad do you have to be for the fans of an undefeated team to be calling for your head. Our guys couldn't tackle, the schemes were inane, and most of us consider Shaquem Griffin the reason for any successes last year. If I were you, I would start beating the drum to remove him ASAP. Giving him time to prove himself is reasonable. It's also the wrong move (IMO).
  10. I didn't mean to imply that having a different DC would have turned everything around, I think that installing Frost's system and culture is going to take time. And probably more time than it took at UCF. I was just curious about the current thoughts. When a team isn't winning, there is a lot of finger pointing. Some of that is correct, some of that isn't. Most UCF fans think Frost will succeed at Nebraska, but I don't think a lot believe Chinander will last. I wasn't sure if any Husker fingers were pointed at him. Again, I don't think he's at fault, but I do think he's exacerbating problems. Switch him with an average DC and I don't think it's 4-0, but I think that could swing a couple games.
  11. So I'm going to try to tread carefully here, but during my last time on the board I warned y'all about Chinander. I was roundly rebuffed as being a bitter UCF fan and told that Chins must be an incredible DC because the team went undefeated. Have Husker fans changed in their optimism about Chinander at all?
  12. Thanks! Good to be back. I think it's been close to a year since my last post. Some of the UCF fans were gloating about the meltdown happening on the Nebraska boards, so I figured I would head over here and see how y'all were doing and contribute what I could. When I was on the board before, a lot of Husker fans thought that Frost took over a horrible winless UCF and turned them into an undefeated one quickly, but that wasn't really the case. We had a talented team, we just had a MASSIVE amount of coaching drama, with the players and the coaches giving up on each other around the same time. So when Frost took that team and only won 6 games and lost to Arkansas St in a bowl game, a lot of UCF fans (myself included) wondered if we picked the right coach. I mean, Milton got booed for a lot of that first year. He looked bad, even for a freshman. But Frost was just finding his guys and developing his culture. I think that will take longer at Nebraska, though, since the players and system are so different.
  13. I think Riley would have won at least one game. But y'all are in a waaaay better position with Frost. It's a completely different system that needs different personnel and experienced leaders to run it. Riley could have been more successful so far continuing his system with his players and his leaders. I know it looked to a lot of people like Frost walked in to UCF and turned the team around in no time, but that first season was a big disappointment to UCF fans. We were questioning whether we hired the right guy.
  14. I apologize if it felt like I was twisting biblical passages to support my points, that was not my intention. I like the Bible, so sometimes I utilize biblical language to express my thoughts, without the intention to use the authority of the actual text. The original prayer was actually utilizing language from three different passages. I also figured that the use of the prayer was justifiable, as few among us would claim to free from lies or evil thoughts, though the implication that the lies and evil thoughts were about UCF's playoff hopes was intended to be humorous. I'll apologize to any that were offended, I come from a less-traditional, nondenominational background, though I know that that is not everyone's experience. If only. Young kids, right? I was in bed by 9.
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