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    Head Basketball Coach Search

    Oats only has 3 years hc experience. Not sure he is proven just yet? Altman is going to be 60 years old and Jankovich 59 when next season starts. How many years do they have left? Would like to have a coach that wants to be here for 15+ years. Musselman would use NU as stepping stone to bigger program or return to NBA. And he might be doing that at Nevada. He would be a short term coach in my opinion. Martin would be a great hire. Hated him at K-St. and there was talk that he was not on the up and up while there.
  2. OTR

    Head Basketball Coach Search

    Stansbury (W. Kentucky)?
  3. OTR


    You are right on the scheduling fluke. Ohio St. was picked near the bottom of the conference while Minnesota was considered a challenger for the top. Wisconsin has dropped off to point they haven't been in long time. Flip those over in NU's schedule and things probably look different. Not sure how they draw up the schedules but it can fall both ways. Look at Rutgers, they get Purdue, Ohio St., Michigan St., Nebraska twice and Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Minnesota once. But they played Minnesota in early December when they were full strength. So the Scarlet Knights definitely got the worst draw.
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    Bracketmatrix updates everyday whereas some of the "bracketologists" only update once per week. Bracketmatrix will not include brackets that haven't been updated in the last 3-4 days. That's why you see the amount of brackets that Nebraska is included changing up and down. As of this morning there are 101 brackets being evaluated but a few days ago the number of brackets being evaluated was in the 70's.