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  1. https://forum.siouxsports.com/forum/5-football/ if anyone is interested
  2. Just watched the 1971 thanksgiving day game between #1 N vs #2 O. Rogers vs Pruitt. Classic. 50 years ago. Half the folks here weren’t even born. I was twelve at the time watching on tv Nebraska will get back there
  3. Nebraska recovered six Oklahoma fumbles that game. a couple other things that I found interesting. Nebraska’s starting o line averaged about 235-240 pounds. Oklahoma’s d line played a yard off the ball - like the Canadian pro league now
  4. Just rewatched the 1978 fb game between Nebraska and Oklahoma. I was in high school. N was #4 and O was #1. Nebraska won 17-14. Lots of great games back then. Did I say I was pumped for this game!
  5. Would someone please tell me about the champions club building experience? What is it? Would it be described as tailgating indoors except you purchase food and drink? Air conditioning? I will have passes to it if I want. Apparently there will also be tailgating in the areas immediately around it as well. I want to experience as much of the tailgating as I can but also pregame events in the stadium. thanks in advance
  6. The runza is right up my alley. I downloaded the recipe and will making some. Then get to try the real ones in a month.
  7. Hello Super pumped to experience Nebraska football. Always heard how awesome it is. Heard from many how friendly Husker fans are. Will be in walking distance from Memorial Field Thursday through Sunday. Looking forward to having a few beers with you guys. What are the must do?
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