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  1. Yes he's in! His dad said that he committed tonight. He said that Nebraska stood out from the rest of the other school's. Glad we pulled a fast wide out from Tenn. . Reportly runs a 4.3 forty.
  2. Do we sign anybody else to this class or are we done signing to miss out on a te?
  3. Who's next to committ? I think that Anyiam committs, and then I hope we get Amie but don't count on him. We only are bring in 3 more guys to visit the campus and one is a four-star recruit named Jason Peters who plays defensive end.
  4. He has Nebraska as his favorite but is taking one last visit to Okla. State. on Jan. 12 then he should decide from their.
  5. Player: Marcel Jones Hometown: Phoenix, AZ Position: OT Height: 6’7” Weight: 320 40 time: 4.9 Visit Date: Scholarships offered: Nebraska, Oregon St., Stanford, Favorites: Committed to Nebraska Rankings/Stars: Rivals: Bid Red Report:#59/ Assessing the talent: Odds of becoming a Cornhusker: 80% It shows on scout that Marcel Jones committed to Nebraska. It has not been shown on rivals yet. If this is true keep bringing them in. Marcel Jones OL 6-7 300 Phoenix, Ariz. - Trevor Browne HS “I really like how Nebraska takes care of their players and makes sure they are taking care of things academically. Plus, I really like the small town atmosphere of Lincoln. It’s a little bit more of a calm surrounding.”
  6. He is qualified! He got a 22 on is ACT's, but say's that no coaches have been to visit. Want's to make other visit's to West Virginia and Memphis. Say's that West Virginia is giving him alot of attention right now.
  7. Jacob Amie said that he was with the coaches when Stafford, Townsend and Moore committed. But it does not say on rivals or scout that Stafford committed but if he did Nebraska did a great job selling the progam. Three total committs for the weekend. Awesome.
  8. I don't think that he is coming to Nebraska just because he said that his decision is going be a surpise to alot of people.
  9. He is going to make a decision today to pick Okla. Sta. or Nebraska.
  10. Has committed to play for Texas A&M.
  11. He committed today to play for Nebraska. He has two years to play two. Another huge pickup. Hope that he lives up to his reputation.
  12. Nebraska can only add I think 8 or 9 more guys to their committment list. I was wondering who do you think the players that haven't committed yet sign with(Patin,Joiner) including the guys coming for additional visits. Who do you see committing to fill up those 8 or 9 spots? Also I looked on rivals, Nebraska visit list and their are 18 guys that have come or are planning to come. Again I am worried that we lose out on a guy like Patin because Nebraska is trying to fill up their spots.
  13. Does anybody think that bringing in too many recruits to the Colorado game can hurt our chances on signing day? I mean what about the past recruits that came here but didn't commit and still have Nebraska as their top choice's( Lewis, Patin), what do we do about those guys.
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