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  1. bu54


    Gordon is my favorite driver. It'll be interesting to see what all of the 'I hate Jeff Gordon' fans that root for Jr cause of daddy are going to do now. Will they still hate him if he's Jr's team mate? That's a very good point!! My guess is they'll still hate Gordon, perhaps even more cause their pride and joy is now his team mate. Though not official yet....
  2. bu54


    Haven't heard he's going somewhere else but it could be for DEI to take Jr's place.
  3. I was just going to say the same thing. Moss should be fine as long as he gets what he wants. wawawawa
  4. bu54


    Well put cmb23, that exactly how I feel about it. Just a complete discrace to NASCAR and it's fans, mostly Jr. fans from what I've seen and heard. Yes just cause Jeff isn't from "the good old south" is the main reason I think. Also it's an envious thing. The "I hate you because your good" mentality plus the excuses why he's a winner is just BS. Just like in football weather it's college or pro's I give credit where credit is due even if I don't like a particular team.
  5. bu54


    I was just curious how many Jeff Gordon haters are here?lol Also what do you think should be done about throwing debris on the track when he wins?
  6. It's hard to believe that play was legal. But I guess so. I didn't see any offsides or a false start. Cudos to the coach/offense. Just think how humiliated the defense must have been. Also I can imagine what was said in the lockeroom after the game.
  7. A true shame. It just goes to show that it doesn't matter who you are one must be carefull no matter what.
  8. bu54

    Ricky Williams

    This clown should be banned for life from the NFL and not even be allowed to apply for reinstatement. :asshat
  9. OK...."Optimist". Har har. The Huskers aren't quite the team of the '80-'90s anymore, so I'll say 9-5?
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