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  1. I am waiting for the Windows tablet to come out later this year. You should check that out and see if it interests you!
  2. I just started playing n64 again and love it! Here are my favorites in no order: Goldeneye Perfect Dark Wrestlemania 2000 Mario Kart Super Smash Bros. Gauntlet Legends Army Men Sarge's Heroes Vigilante 8 Zelda mario 64 Wow that is only a few of the games I love...perfect dark and mario kart are hard to beat when it comes to multiplayer!
  3. I was at the game yesterday and I can honestly say that it was the loudest I have EVER heard old Memorial Stadium! I was hugging people that I had never even met before and I was just sooo happy for these seniors cause they deserved to win...unbelievable!
  4. nice video...i hope ganz can lead us back to the big 12 title game!
  5. Hey guys...so there haven't been a whole lot of new movies lately...but here is one I made in honor of Scott Frost! 1eWfe597CKY
  6. Here is another movie I made...this one celebrates the greatest college qb of all time...Tommie Frazier! Let me know what you guys think! -oO18ZbCLbE
  7. thanks guys...i have a couple more videos that i will try to get on here later today...i don't have a lot of experience...but any comments are appreciated!
  8. Hey guys here is my first attempt at creating a highlight video for our beloved Blackshirts! Let me know what you think! uRpZl4pImRo
  9. frazierfanatic15lMace21...i play mostly call of duty 4...until rainbow six vegas 2 comes out next month!
  10. this hurts...i was really hoping that he could replace Mo...
  11. nice video...looks like you were right with the clip of Bo!
  12. Hey guys...this is my first post! Anyways I have played against Vandenberg and he is a stud...Keokuk beat us by 3 and he was definitaly the reason why...I hope we get this kid for sure.
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