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  1. BigWillie

    What did we learn today

    Are we a "no fear of failure" team, or are we the turtle shell team? Against Colorado, we refused to run the clock down after run plays late and with the lead. Then with our starting QB out late, we are having Bunch throw the ball as well with the lead. Today, late with the lead, we go into a shell. Play aggressively the entire 2nd half until we get a 2 score lead, then crawl up into a shell with basic run concepts. Even worse -- that 4th and inches call to punt after we were gashing NW with run after run. It's bad enough that it showed no faith in our offense that was whipping NW's a$$ -- but it showed faith in a defense that to this point in the year deserves no faith being placed in it. But when hiring buddies, instead of the absolute best, you get the results you ask for. UCF team defense rankings under Chinander .. 2017 - 92nd 2016 - 43rd And this year .. 97th We got what we paid for.
  2. BigWillie

    *** Official Wisconsin Game Thread ***

    It's way past time to let the youngins play. Yes, the youngsters will make mistakes. But I'd rather them gain the experience and make the mistakes than see seniors like Farmer, Foster, Reed, Young, Lamar, A. Davis, Newell, etc., making the same mistakes week after week.
  3. BigWillie

    *** Official Wisconsin Game Thread ***

    Can take an ass beating. Cannot take it when a team quits. And that's what we are doing right now.
  4. BigWillie

    *** Official Wisconsin Game Thread ***

    I'm happy that Dedrick is the smartest LB we have in the film room. Coaches will remind us of that over and over. Doesn't mean he should be playing so many snaps with athleticism that doesn't allow him to get to the spot. 4 years in, and the same problems over and over with him.
  5. BigWillie

    *** Official Purdue Game Thread ***

    Chinander gonna be man enough to stand up and take some questions after these last three performances? Or is he just gonna point the finger elsewhere as he did all this week?
  6. BigWillie

    *** Official Purdue Game Thread ***

    We still going with a few bad apples on our roster are causing this or .. ?
  7. BigWillie

    *** Official Purdue Game Thread ***

    Let's keep the offensive line the same as well. We will just end up getting our young QB hurt badly.
  8. BigWillie

    *** Official Purdue Game Thread ***

    Keep trotting the same players out there, who make the same mistakes, but expecting different results. It isn't loyalty. It's insanity.
  9. BigWillie

    *** Official Michigan Game Thread ***

    Something, something .. Riley's fault.
  10. BigWillie

    CB Brendan Radley-Hiles [Oklahoma - Signed LOI]

    Bookie didn't decommit because of W-L's, or the product on the field. Bookie brought his whole family with him to the Wisconsin game. You think that is a kid who was worried? Bookie committed to Nebraska in large part because he completely bought into the future of Mike Riley and Donte Williams. He knew where things were, but to him he thought things would change. But even as a 17 year old, he could actually see the big picture. Success isn't made overnight. And to change a culture, and a program, doesn't happen overnight. Point blank -- if Riley and Donte were gonna be here, Bookie was gonna be here. But now we have an administration who had a knee jerk reaction to the NIU loss. From that point on, the negative recruiting has been relentless. The coaches? Nothing they can do answers the recruits questions. I mean, how do you explain to kids that we have a fan base that was more supportive of a guy who told them to "EFF OFF" than a guy in Riley who is universally loved and respected by players and recruits? The next coach? Good luck salvaging a class in about 3 months that very likely will end up with about 4-5 solid commits once everyone else opens things up. That should surely help with the depth concerns. Should be fun few years for him until the knee jerk reactions happen, again.
  11. Young was spying. But it's like asking a Volvo to keep up with a Porsche.
  12. This is gonna be about the Jimmy's and the Joe's. Not gonna get any better tonight.
  13. BigWillie

    This was Possibly a Great Day for Nebraska Football

    This is all incredibly untrue. In '03 we talked to Urban Meyer, Butch Davis, etc., they just were not interested. In '07 we talked to Brian Kelly and Chris Peterson, among others. Were not interested. In '14, we talked to Dan Mullen, Chris Peterson (again), and others. None were interested. We have ALWAYS had the money to pay top dollar for a coaching staff. It's why boosters laughed at the idea of worrying about Pelini's buyout. Money isn't an issue in Lincoln. Never has been. Never will be.
  14. BigWillie

    This was Possibly a Great Day for Nebraska Football

    It's not solely about Riley. That's short sighted to look at how potential coaches and their agents will look at situations. You're asking a coach, and his family to uproot, move to Lincoln, to allow their first recruiting class to become seniors? That's the amount of time a coaching staff will be given in this situation? Even more, if you do somewhat succeed in this situation, 9-3 may not even be good enough either to keep your job. It's easy to say, "well we didn't want them anyway". But the reality is, they are not gonna want us. The same as they have not wanted us the last few times this job popped open. If jobs were solely about money, we would have gotten a big name coach in '03. Or in '07. Or in '14.
  15. BigWillie

    This was Possibly a Great Day for Nebraska Football

    People are really under the impression that if/when Riley is fired, that we will be able to go get a big name coach? We fired Solich after a 9-3 season. What top tier coaches knocked down the door to get this job then? We fired Pelini after a 9-3 season. What top tier coached knocked down the door to get this job then? We fire Riley after just barely 2 years on the job - you're gonna have a repeat of settling for another coach, rather than getting a top tier hire.