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  1. Because the reigning national champions need Nebraska to gain some PR advantage right now ..
  2. Time for Frost to do a little inward looking. He isn't a savior. He doesn't walk on water. He can make incorrect decisions, and has shown a terrible habit of pointing the finger rather than accepting the blame. He's got some tough roster decisions to make in the offseason. And even more, he's got some tough coaching decisions to make. If he decides his friendships are worth more than his job, then as much as he will want to point the finger of his demise elsewhere, it's all gonna be of his own doing. I think of this sorta like 2010 Clemson. Dabo finally figured out he wasn't the hot shot know-it-all he thought he was. He hired some top tier assistants like Chad Morris, and went on to hire Brent Venables. Tough decisions suck, and it's even worse when it may hurt a friendship. But is that friendship worth your job, hurting 85 scholarship kids, and an entire fan base just so you can have a hunting buddy or two?
  3. If Chinander is employed at the beginning of next season, it's because Frost has determined his friendship is more important than his future. Giving up 10 yards a play, to Wisconsin.
  4. By putting the blame directly on the players for not 'buying in'? Frost came here 2 years ago pointing the fingers at the previous staff for the ineptitude and record. Now the struggles have continued, and actually gotten worse, but instead the blame goes to the players?
  5. Frost is about to get in that Callahan situation. Is your best friend worth risking any hint of job security? Callahan decided it was with Cosgrove. Will Frost do the same with Chinander?
  6. At least we don't have to worry about our kickers tonight.
  7. https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/feioff/2018 You can search other years as well from this link. But these advanced offensive statistics are pretty telling about explosive plays relative to team success.
  8. We as fans have to be honest -- that was absolutely horrific playcalling in the 2nd half. As much as it is easy to blame the defense for falling apart, the playcalling on offense just continued to put them in horrid positions series after series. It's one thing if people want to say this a 'learning process', and we are 'growing'. But Frost was billed as the coach who was an offensive wizard who would put the team in the best position to succeed. Today was anything but that.
  9. Are we a "no fear of failure" team, or are we the turtle shell team? Against Colorado, we refused to run the clock down after run plays late and with the lead. Then with our starting QB out late, we are having Bunch throw the ball as well with the lead. Today, late with the lead, we go into a shell. Play aggressively the entire 2nd half until we get a 2 score lead, then crawl up into a shell with basic run concepts. Even worse -- that 4th and inches call to punt after we were gashing NW with run after run. It's bad enough that it showed no faith in our offense that was whipping NW's a$$ -- but it showed faith in a defense that to this point in the year deserves no faith being placed in it. But when hiring buddies, instead of the absolute best, you get the results you ask for. UCF team defense rankings under Chinander .. 2017 - 92nd 2016 - 43rd And this year .. 97th We got what we paid for.
  10. It's way past time to let the youngins play. Yes, the youngsters will make mistakes. But I'd rather them gain the experience and make the mistakes than see seniors like Farmer, Foster, Reed, Young, Lamar, A. Davis, Newell, etc., making the same mistakes week after week.
  11. Can take an ass beating. Cannot take it when a team quits. And that's what we are doing right now.
  12. I'm happy that Dedrick is the smartest LB we have in the film room. Coaches will remind us of that over and over. Doesn't mean he should be playing so many snaps with athleticism that doesn't allow him to get to the spot. 4 years in, and the same problems over and over with him.
  13. Chinander gonna be man enough to stand up and take some questions after these last three performances? Or is he just gonna point the finger elsewhere as he did all this week?
  14. We still going with a few bad apples on our roster are causing this or .. ?
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