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  1. After long break, Sears records another 1-2-3 inning adding his 9k. Will Coach Bolt give him the 9th??
  2. Huskers fail to score. A long time for Sears to sit, as he heads back to mound in the 8th. Huskers have left 8 on base and haven’t scored since the 3rd inning.
  3. OSU reliever is doing his job, putting down Husker batters, before Silva finds a way to get to first and steals second and third with 1 out, followed by an Evans walk… forces Buckeyes to make another call to pen.
  4. 1-2-3 again for Sears who adds to his strike out total. 8k
  5. Another quiet inning as we go 3 up 3 down. Headed to 7th with 3-0 lead
  6. Quick 1-2-3 inning for Sears as he records his 7 k. Let’s add some insurance runs
  7. Buckeyes go to the pen as we have a runner on 2nd. New guy strikes out next 2 to clean up. Going to top of 6th. 3-0 GBR
  8. OSU gets another hit just over great effort by Stokes with 1 out… a great diving catch by Cole Evans steals a double from OSU… followed by Sears’ 6 k of the game gets Huskers out of inning. Great defense and pitching in the 5th
  9. Skers go quietly in order in bottom half.
  10. Great play by Carey. Sears has faced the minimum after 4, adds another k. Only hit was a swinging dribbler that was rolling foul but stayed in play
  11. Walsh has seen 6 pitches, 6 strikes… Overbeek walks to load them up with 2 outs….Carey flies out after solid at bat. Huskers lead 3-0. OSU pitcher has over around 70 pitches through 3
  12. Huskers get 2 across and still batting as Caron gets a hit with runners in scoring position. HBP puts another Caron in scoring position
  13. Brumbaugh singles, advances on ground ball, steals third. 1 out.
  14. Sears has 4 k after 3….Huskers hold onto 1 run lead
  15. 1-2-3 for good guys. Sears gets 2k
  16. Huskers load bases with 0 outs. Only managed 1 run but have the lead
  17. Unfortunately a swinging bunt gives OSU a runner, Sears induces a few grounders to get out without any problems
  18. I completely believe you, but it surprises me because they have guys with rockets. They have at least two guys who can almost touch 100. But those guys have also been beat up a little bit humming in fastballs.
  19. Sears named to the Golden Spikes watch list. List consists of top 45 players (all positions). Leads country in whip, 3rd in nation in era, and 7 in nation in runs allowed/nine innings. we all know it could come to a halt as it tough to maintain the current pace, but what a start to the first half of the season. Also had tied current Padre and former Husker Matt Waldron for the most consecutive “quality starts”.
  20. I just like how this team seems to find ways to win. Sometimes it is offensive explosion, others it’s great pitching, other times it’s taking what the other team gives you and taking advantage of it, and sometimes luck. Regardless, they are winning games.
  21. For the 2nd time this weekend, KP comes through in the clutch. He gets us out of 8th… 1-2-3 in 9th and 10th.
  22. lol, managed a run without a hit again. Now, let’s get out with a sweep
  23. 1-2-3 for KP. Extras. Most frustrating is the number of runners we have left on base
  24. Unfortunately, fail to score another. Bottom of 9. Tie at 7
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