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  1. My take…. Wasn’t he visiting WR recruit Charles in Tx?? Report said that Charles had 4 dunks in the BB game Rhule was attending. Report says Rhule offered after the game. I think he tweeted this after the 3rd dunk. 7:49 pm would suggest middle of HS bb game??? My theory…. But as a dad of a SDSU Jackrabbit, I like that theory too
  2. I think this is typical Rhule fashion. He wants fantastic athletes whom he can get in here and develop. Take a kid with tools and teach him. Maybe by year 2-3, he will be someone who stands out.
  3. If this is true, it may make sense that he withdrew from the portal. I highly doubt that he would have many teams calling if academics are an issue (which we know they are, bc I have mentioned many times that was the case, clear back to HS).... Guessing that Rhule sees the talent....Betts options were limited, to say the least.... so come back, possibly cash in on some NIL..... join team so he can get the academic support that athletes get... become eligible for Fall practices. Now, this is just the rumor from Sip, so maybe, he just really appreciate Rhule compared to the old staff and wanted to stay a Husker and will be a full participant and eligible to play right away.
  4. I think you are correct. I would expect a handful of defections after spring ball, espy on the defensive side. Some of the LB and DB
  5. Something about flying down to visit the Harris twins??
  6. I think it is waaay to early to judge DR ability to recruit. He took the job in early December, so very limited time last year prior to the early signing day, when we signed most of the class. This year he signs almost all in-state linemen, which was prioritized by the staff. He did get Scott and lured Rouse away from Iowa (amazing oline program and initially OU)…. He inherited a sh!t show of oline last year and lost his two best linemen ( suspension, injury). I will say that I was very vocal about how bad our line was last season. I am not ready to label him a poor recruiter quite yet. I think some just don’t like him (fair enough), so the recruiting is a way to pile on.
  7. Assuming the fact that he was CB here with high certainty, I am sure he enrolled, thus being listed after the first week of class… some schools haven’t started second semester yet, not sure about Texas State… or how long the enrollment process takes there. He only committed a few days ago
  8. If you read my entire post, I said it could be DUE to injury. Regardless, media Callahan and Schaefer had said he was a long ways away from being a Power 5 contributor… said this on air as he as rumors ran about him withdrawing from portal.
  9. Handful of reports from reporters who cover the team closely said he had a long way to go to be a power 5 contributor. Not sure if it was because of his injury or ability. Glad he went somewhere he may play
  10. I was going to ask a similar question…. I was wanting to have people compare Rhule’s first month compared to SF first month…. If possible, set aside “what we know now” and base it ONLY off of what SF was able to say and do (philosophy, staff, recruiting) compared to Rhule. I was more excited at the time for the SF hire, than Rhule. Although I will say that I trust Rhule, a few staff hires have me wondering… but I still like his staff more than SF bringing basically is entire UCF staff….. philosophy is a draw, bc talk is talk…. Both recruiting classes impressed me with short time, but I think Nebraska is a bigger dumpster fire post SF than it was post MR… with hat said, what Rhule has priced together at this point is more impressive IMO To stay on topic, I will give a current grade of B
  11. If this kid is willing to switch schools, come here and play for Rhule and the Huskers, by switching from QB to WR…. In a day and age of divas, I will immediately become a huge fan
  12. Was hoping that if we really wanted him, we could lock up a commitment before he left campus. Not the case. He is in Florida today.
  13. He was in backfield a handful of times. Hustle, hustle, hustle. Definitely has a motor
  14. I love and live for power football… but I am pretty old school. Lol… I huddle, and my number one pet peeve is shotgun on 4th and short, or on goal line. I REFUSE to have to go 5 yds to pick up less than 1. See, way too old school.
  15. This! It will be an H that either lines up in backfield or motions into backfield, or leads post snap. Not sure we will see a true FB get many snaps
  16. Is this the reason for Omar Hales tweet?
  17. I feel dumb asking this, bc it is probably widely known, but what was the motive behind Lovett redshirting? Was it just a personal decision?
  18. I think he is visiting Iowa on Thursday-Friday and then possibly Nebraska Saturday. Not positive
  19. Not trying to argue, but based on what, other than HS hype and a few flashes. It is a RISK. I was hoping he would pan out, but from the word go, I was pessimistic based on a lot of things pertaining to academic and attitude. He could never grasp playbook and when MJ challenged his work ethic and want to, he went awol…. Kid can absolutely be a freak if he ever decides to put it together, but based on history, it will be a risky proposition. I am not bashing the kid, bc he has a ton of talent and maybe the pressure of his hype was too much. Just saying that if teams do their homework, they may not be running to his door. With that said, watch him be an All American when he turns the corner
  20. I am telling you that as of now, I am not questioning this hire at all!! I reserve the right to change my mind….if you look at some of the very high profile coaches who got their start as assistant coaches at a very young age, it is staggering. He has been around the game his entire life and even been involved in the nfl aspect. Never under estimate being a coach’s kid. From experience on a much lower level, but same dynamics….my son grew up on a football field, at practice almost before he could walk, watching film with me at young age…. Played qb and was not best athlete at all, but maybe smartest… he would probably coach circles around me…. I started coaching at at age 22 and spent 32 years around the game… 60% of my life….. He is 22 and has spent and has spent 22 years absorbing the game… 100% of his life…….assuming this is the same for McGuire, but at a MUCH higher level of thinking……until proven wrong, I think this is a good hire !!!!
  21. So he could definitely be labeled as getting the job because of daddy??? That take makes no sense, bc he is getting that stereotype right now working HERE. Just read others posts. He probably wants to prove he deserves this type of gig without being tied to his dad.
  22. Assuming Washington did also and is choosing to stay
  23. Rhule isn’t going to put himself at a disadvantage. Guys sit behind their keyboard and pretend to know more than Rhule and judge based on arm chair knowledge. Lmao. This guy may be an absolute bust, then, we can make judgements…. He may be the next Kliff K and we will be crying when he gets poached away…. Fact is, Rhule wants to win, he seems to understand the enormity of the situation…. He has coached him, coached over him, and truly thinks that he is the right guy….. people love negativity
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