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  1. 10 minutes ago, The Dude said:

    I love how pumped everyone gets about the one-armed drummer. :lol:

    It's cool he's a one-armed drummer and all, but he's not that good at it.  Like, most decent drummers can play with one hand better than that.  And they don't get near the practice.  

    If this is serious...it is so funny.

    And if you are joking...it is so funny!


    This is like something you would see in Spinal Tap

  2. 2 minutes ago, TGHusker said:

    I may have more restraints then you on the time period as I do consider the 'fetus' to be a unique life in itself.     As I've said before, if we can throw away the red meat political emotions and party promoting motivations, reasonable people can come to reasonable conclusions.  



    Look even if we had 24/7/365 free abortion clinics where you could get an abortion up to 9 months...the rate of abortions would go up sooooo little that we would not even notice, not at all.


    That is why it should never go away and it should be super easy to arrange.  There seems to be this fear (not by you) that girls are getting or will be getting abortions for fun...like having abortion parties. 

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  3. 1 minute ago, Ulty said:

    Fair enough. I love the movie and the book, by the way.


    And different teachers teach it in different ways. Suppose there was a discussion after every chapter. Dally's relationship with Cherry is not the main theme of the book, but it is one of the smaller themes. A discussion about this particular scene would not be unreasonable if a teacher thought it was important, or if a student had a question about it, it might generate discussion. Or we could all move on because there are more important things happening. It's all fair, and perfectly appropriate for the teacher to make the decision re: how to handle it. 


    In the controversy around this Anne Frank book, do we know how much the teacher focused on that particular page about the menstruation and the breasts? Or did a snowflake parent see it and decide to raise hell based on this one page out of context? You and I would probably both agree that if the teacher planned a whole lesson around that page, it was probably not the most appropriate use of class time (although not worthy of a firing or banning). 

    Dude, who knows about what the parents did/will freak out about.  They can get CRAZY!  Especially at that grade level.


    And yeah, I agree, a lesson planned totally around that page is crazy and I agree it worthy to get canned and I am totally against banning books.  I think that teacher was trying to F around a little bit?  Just a guess, and most my guesses are wrong, so who knows.


    That was then, this is now...that is sort of a continuation of the Outsiders, but not really, it is a good read too!

    1 minute ago, Ulty said:

    8th grade? You should read about Anne Frank!

    Hahaha!  Oh my god!


    Is there is picture book I can look at instead?!?!

  4. 1 minute ago, TGHusker said:

    Interesting - The Outsiders was filmed here in Tulsa.  The drive in theater in the film burnt down a few years ago and through the help of many they rebuilt it since it has had an iconic reputation in Tulsa - still is open today.  I think I've seen 2 movies there. The main house used in the story is now a Outsider's museum.  And I've never watched the movie.  

    I have students that LOVE it so much they have gone to the house/museum.


    The movie is great, amazing cast.  The book is probably my favorite book of all time, because I read at an 8th grade level.  

  5. 8 minutes ago, JJ Husker said:

    Love their early stuff. Excellent blues based rock. But Start Me Up sucks. I puke a little bit in my mouth every time it plays. As for Jagger….I have no idea what lyrics he is ever singing, but somehow it works.


    I’ve never felt good music was dependent upon a person’s age or when it was released. Many songs stand the test of time. Many don’t and won’t. Have never understood why some people will snidely brand you a Boomer because you may like some music that is older than them. I also like some newer music but the body of work of older songs is much larger so it stands to reason that there are way more good older songs than good newer songs.

    Jagger is an amazing front man, ugly, not a great singer, but just has "IT" and it works.  Same with Steven Tyler.  


    Girls flocked to those dudes.  

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  6. 15 minutes ago, Ulty said:

    I did not say it was sexual harassment, I said it could be a form of sexual harassment, but not on its own, would be dependent on other factors. God damn.


    The panels shown in the image, on their own, if it happened in real life, would not be sexual harassment or sexual assault, either by the letter of the law or in any practical matter. Girl A asks Girl B if they want to show each other their breasts. Girl B says "absolutely not". If that is the end of the conversation, it is an awkward moment and nothing more. If Girl A continually pressed the issue despite the verbal rejection, if there was unwanted touching, if there was additional unwelcome conduct, it might be a different matter. 


    What I suggested might be a teachable moment is discussing whether or not this was an appropriate interaction. It also doesn't have to be the focus of the lesson plan at all (and probably shouldn't be). But Anne Frank's diary is all about the thoughts and feelings of a teenage girl in hiding, which (gasp!) includes thoughts of sexuality. I don't know all of what is included in the comic version, but the original book is called "Diary of a Young Girl," not "Anne Frank: Nazi Hunter."


    I have a child in middle school right now reading "the Outsiders." There is a part of the book (and in the movie, which they will also watch in class) when one character harasses a girl at the movies. Is that a lot to toss on the teacher to discuss? Or might that make an interesting conversation in class? Kids are in gangs, stabbing each other, smoking cigarettes, dying. What's the point of reading the book if not to discuss some of these awkward themes? 


    A good teacher is going to be well-suited to talk about these things and have conversations in an age-appropriate way.



    I taught The Outsiders and you are referring to Dally bothering Cherry.  I see similarities but as someone who has shown this movie in class, probably 20 times now, most students do not even get the reference.  Clearly the Anne Frank one is easy to understand.


    I have NEVER once, in all my years of teaching that book/movie, stopped it and said "No class, see here, when Dally says "How can I find out if that it your real hair color, like, how can I find out if it matches, your your...eyebrows...WHAT HE REALLY MEANS is...do the curtains match the drapes.  Okay, class, everyone take out some paper and write down 3 things that is wrong with his approach"


    Great movie by the way!





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  7. 2 minutes ago, TGHusker said:

    A person knows if they have been raped.  I hate it when some try to turn the tables on a victim.  I believe it would be in her best interest and society's  best interest that she file a police report, but it should be left to her to decide.   There are a lot of big emotions going on at that time - she needs the best counsel she can get to help her with the next steps. 

    Soooo, yes?  You would be okay with just marking “private”

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  8. 1 minute ago, Ulty said:

    No it is not, stop saying that. I'm quite familiar with sexual assault. You're out of your element, Donnie.


    Maybe it would be an unwanted advance, and therefore a form of harassment (but not on its own, would be dependent on other factors)?

    Okay...so we agree it is a book depicting sexual harassment.  


    In a comic book about Anne Frank.  And then you want teachers to use that as a teaching moment to discuss with 8th graders if it is sexual harassment or not.  Again, seems like a lot to toss on the teacher.


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  9. 4 minutes ago, Ulty said:






    What are you confused about?  By definition it falls under SA.


    I DON'T think it is SA.  Just like I did not think it was SA when that kid hit the other kids butt while goofing around in the locker room. 


    But what is depicted in that graphic novel is, by letter of the law, a form of SA.  How do you not understand the difference?  


    You even said it!  That is what makes it hard, now you want teachers to use that as a teaching moment?  I mean, come on.


    By definition speeding is agains the law most of us speed and don't think of it as being illegal to go 5 over.  

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  10. Just now, AZRaiderH8r said:

    Whenever the conversation comes up in our group of bands that people seem to really like but that you hate, my answer is always Def Leppard. Man, I can't stand that band or their music. Well, and Nickelback of course, but that's too easy. 

    But Pour some Sugar on Me has put more strippers through Med school than any other song!

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  11. 1 minute ago, TGHusker said:

    I don't follow or understand what you are trying to say with the underlined portion above.


    Regarding the bold:  Yes - Under certain circumstances & time restraints.  I don't agree with the very restrictive 6 week laws that some states are passing.  Those are 'Gotcha" laws.   Abortion should be restricted when the baby can feel pain.  By then, the girl or woman will have known the situation and will have a decision to make.   There are also issues of grave deformities and complications as well as the mother's physical health issue that she and the doctor must discuss.  Regardless, she should be fully informed about the risks of abortion and the development of the child so that she can make an informed decision.  

    Let me say it differently.


    You are okay with abortion in rape cases.  A super super sensitive topic for all women and some men but in this case, we are just talking about people that can get pregnant.


    Would you support 100% legalize abortion for women who were raped and all that woman has to do, when going to get an abortion, is to check a box for her reason for getting an abortion as "Private" ,  And in checking that box, there are zero questions asked so that she doesn't have to talk/discuss anything that happend. 

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  12. 2 minutes ago, Ulty said:



    If I am a Title IX Coordinator at a school, and someone brings me this book, opens up to that page, and says they would like to make a sexual assault complaint, this is the response I would give:




    Not the book.  The action in the book, which you said the teacher would then have to explain.  So now you have a teacher that has to explain that it is either "okay" to do that or "not okay" and either way, that teacher is wrong.  


    I agree about it not being SA, I keep agreeing with you, over and over.  I 100% AGREE THAT IT IS NOT SA!  


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  13. 27 minutes ago, Mavric said:


    You have a point.  But at the same time, every time I go to a wedding I wonder what percentage of the playlist came out before either the bride or groom were born.  Same thing for most pep band lists.


    Also, the players don't seem to mind.

    There are songs, that are just iconic.  And the age of the song or the age of the people in attendance almost don't matter.



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