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  1. 13 minutes ago, Lorewarn said:



    Good on you for having a foot in the reasonable gun control reform and regulation thought camp.

    No such thing and that is the problem.  You have been tricked into thinking there is...Every kid that shoots his own head off with Dads gun has the same start to the same f#&%ing story...


    "They were responsible gun owners..."

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  2. 17 minutes ago, ZRod said:

    It's a state's rights issue.



    Literally a loop hole one side has been begging to close for over a decade.

    Loop holes don't  matter.  Getting rid of guns is all that matters.  Anyone talking about "closing loop holes" is 100% for guns still, sadly.  


    You could get me to go with muskets only. 



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  3. Johnny Rodgers opened up a bar in Omaha but he could not be on the title (or whatever) because of gun charge?  Something like that, because they were selling booze.


    Now, the place folded anyway but I remember that being a story.

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  4. I can say this, the last week has been an a$$ kicking.  I am scared to even login to my Chuck Schwab account.  


    But, gas prices have been low here in Omaha, which is always nice.


    Grocery bills are still the same.

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  5. 8 hours ago, JJ Husker said:

    I, for one, would be perfectly happy with fewer people in the world. We did our part, had 2. They say it takes 2.1 but we couldn’t figure out how to have another tenth of a kid so we called it good at 2. But I’ll be damned if the population around here doesn’t keep rapidly growing. Fewer people? Count me in. And from what I’ve seen of most parents and most kids, the only prioritizing should be a boot up their a$$.

    Boot meeting a$$ used to be parenting 101.


    I can hardly remember a time when my Dad asked about my feelings or stuff like that.  Unless it was after a spanking and he said "Well, how did that feel, I bet you won't do something so stupid again" 


    Looking back on it, that seemed like a rhetorical question though.

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  6. All the kidless married people I know seem like the happiest f#&%ing people in the world.  I am not even sure if they have ever made a post on a post board because they are also busy napping or working out or sampling wines or beers or traveling or f#&%ing.  


    I guess that is selfish!  They should be as unhappy as all the married people with kids!  HAHAHA


    I kid, I kid.

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  7. 4 hours ago, Madcows said:

    Good for him!  A team like Philly, Indy, Baltimore that have mobile QBs would be wise to at least bring him in for training camp and see how he looks being a back-up. Much better to have a back-up QB who is also mobile to keep the same general offense if/when the starter goes down.

    I know that it is a crap league but I would venture (remember that store) a guess that being the MVP of that league probably means that you are way more than capable of being a backup in the NFL or for the teams that carry 3 QB's  a 3rd stringer.  


    He has what, 50 career starts at the D1 and "pro" level?  Good size, he can run, he can throw...might as well take him as opposed to some kid right out of college who probably has half the experience.  

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  8. The idea of getting taxed more because you make more is weird to me.  I understand the idea but it still seems weird.


    I suppose it would make sense if that person CONSUMED more tax payer related "things" or used the roads more or called the cops more or whatever...


    I mean, don't you get tax breaks for buying  electric car or putting up solar panels?  That makes sense.  


    With that said, I would also love LOWER taxes for me, so it is a tough spot.  



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  9. 1 hour ago, BigRedBuster said:

    I don't know how requirements work. Are there requirements that local districts have and then other requirements that the state has?  So, local school districts could have the requirement but it's not a requirement right now at the state level?

    English Language Arts - 40 credit hours, ● Mathematics – 30 credit hours, ● Science – 30 credit hours, and, ● Social Studies – 30 credit hours.


    That is the basics for the core classes.  I would guess that Civics/Gov/Poly Sci would be one of the required courses but I guess there might be districts that toss in something else.  

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  10. I did not know that it wasn't?


    They don't always call it Civics, usually it is Gov or AP Gov, but I think all schools require it, that I know of.  I taught it years ago to 7th graders.


    With that said, it could probably use some revamping but I think the basics are there.  I still with that we would register HS kids to vote when they are juniors/seniors in HS.  Get them registered early!

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  11. Ehhhh, there it is again "I pay taxes, so I should decide what you learn and how you learn it" I thought we were getting past that but I guess not.


    Well, since I pay taxes it is time for me to go get a lift in at the local fire station weight room and then tell them how to put out fires.  

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  12. 1 hour ago, Gage County said:



    Wait, is the (and let me make sure this is okay) GAYS for Hammas fake or what?  I guess I don't get it?


    Do...do they sort of not understand what the hammies would do to them?


    pro-pally dorks are looking worse and worse

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