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  1. My earliest memory, I was 10 and I saw the Jets win a playoff game in 1998 with Vinny Testaverde and Curtis Martin. I had to go back and look up the year, haha
  2. Ok, we are loaded at skill positions; let's focus on linemen!
  3. You've been brainwashed. Congratulations. I did that crap for years, and it hurt my family tremendously. Now I see my younger brother going down that same road, and it hurts me tremendously. I wish I had had a wake up call or been deterred early on. It should not be legal; many guys I know, and friends, back then the focus of life was just getting high whenever there was a chance and many are still there. Making it easy to buy just makes more kids buy it. Don't Make it easier!
  4. Oh man the legalizers trying to make plugs for pot! Don't legalize that poison,fools!
  5. I would be cool with just loading up on linemen from here on out
  6. BO beat the huskers in the draft !! Now that's toxiccc!!
  7. I'll try to have it done by Sunday afternoon. I'll post it in this thread, and also the season video thread when it's done.How's it coming?
  8. Looks like he's about ready to cry in that picture. His head looks photoshopped
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