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    2011 Stubhub season tix

    I'm looking into the same thing actually, looking at various sources. This is my first time, if you don't mind me asking, where were your seats last year and what did you have to pay for them? Thanks! Are their people on here that want to split up the season tix?
  2. huskerdana

    Husker Tunnel Walk Song

    I'll admit that is pretty cool but Sirius has to stay. This is PIMPED
  3. huskerdana

    RB/DB/ATH Malcolm Creer

    I just throw up in my mouth.
  4. huskerdana

    The 2011 QB Thread

    Well I would say "NOT SO FAST MT FRIEND" I want to see what Carnes can do this spring. If he has blood lines to TOUCHDOWN TOMMY, he knows how to win and knows how to get the job down. I think our QB situation for the next couple of years looks really good. Turner, Carnes, Maybe Bubba
  5. huskerdana

    The "Suuuuuuuuuuh" Thread

    Does anyone know what Suh would be doing in Dallas. A friend that owns a bar said he was in there last night. Anybody know anything?
  6. huskerdana

    Cody Green or Martinez?

    I was for Martinez getting his chance. I think that NU needs someone that has a good arm and is not scared to throw the ball AWAY. If your going to take a sack for 10 yards throw the ball into the stands. I am waiting to see what Carnes and Turner can bring to the position. I don't think that Bubba will be on campus next year but I am hoping that Carnes is the next Tommy Touchdown. I read a thing about Beck calling the plays the other game,,,,, Lord help us. Those plays were piss poor.
  7. huskerdana

    SIGNED RB Braylon Heard

    That is a huge Christmas present. Heard will be a stud, with green and Rex
  8. huskerdana

    SIGNED DT Todd Peat

    We need a D-line that can make a push and not just get pushed around. Where are the ends? I can not think of how many time Allen pinched down and the QB went to the outside (containment). I like Cam but I am not impressed. I want to see David Ankrod(sp). The only play I think he was in he had pressure on the QB. Pressure from the outside is the key.
  9. huskerdana

    SIGNED OLB/DE Max Pirman

    I would have to agree somewhat. There are bigger and better fish in the sea. Look its the 2nd quarter and the staff is throwing a mail mary with this kid. I feel we should take a wait and see. Wait till the recruits see that Mack Brown is really a D-bag.
  10. huskerdana

    SIGNED RB Aaron Green

    Well We need to sit down and think about this before someone has a blood clot. AG has only made two visits officially. His brother is up in Lincoln. He has befriended some of the huskers players on facebook (I dont know this 100% because I an not on it ). I would say UT is way out of the race and I would say Cal is too. Being a Christian man no one in their right mind would go to Con-U FSU. So I am ganna say that he is N. Parents have to travel to one game to see both kids, good family values at NU and his real brother.
  11. huskerdana

    SIGNED RB Aaron Green

    I find it real hard not pull the trigger on NU since your flesh and blood is on the team. Green seems like a great kid with strong family values. PLUS NU is GODS TEAM
  12. huskerdana

    RB Bryce Brown

    Well there was much drama with brown and his dad during the recruiting process too. I wish these kids would get better advice, its sad how parents can jack up a kids head.
  13. huskerdana

    DE you want to see step up

    I want to see some of the younger DE step up this yr. Josh and David are the top two I want to come in and make some noise. I want the old pinch end like Van, Wistrom, Tomich Any thoughts?
  14. huskerdana

    Terrence Moore to replace Suh

    Well I'm sitting scratching my head at the Moore talk. Look baker should be the plug and I think Guy could do some good things there too. I person I would like to see at the rush end spot is CM and D Akred would be a great speed rusher. NU needs the old speed rush of the end. Like Polk, Wistrom, Tomach. speed on the ends will be key.
  15. huskerdana

    SIGNED ATH Jake Cotton

    I looked at the tape and I liked what I saw. He is quick and fights thru blocks. We will look back and see what a great job the coaches did with him. Look the kid is huge, I wish I had the size he has. The coaches can build him faster and stronger like the 6 million dollar man.