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  1. I love it!! This is what a staff can do when hard work and discipline have been instilled in a roster. It allows them to take some chances on talented, but troubled individuals with upside knowing that the team will keep him in line.
  2. One thing in our favor is the success of pitchers from college in the MLB draft. It seems as pitchers coming out of college go higher than high school kids. But it dont look good.
  3. Its about what ABC/ESPN want when it becomes time for a new deal in 2016.
  4. I havent heard anything about the Big 12 courting BYU or anyone else, and I dont expect to hear anything. There really is no reason for the Big 12 to expand until 2016 when their ABC/ESPN deal is up. In 2014 or so BYU could be a candidate. They have a 70,000 seat stadium and facilities that are up to Big 12 standards, but its too soon to know what will happen.
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