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  1. Nebrasketball will not be able to hire Altman or Martin away from their current employers.
  2. That's exactly what I thought until Frost recruited one walk-on class.
  3. Title IX is a good thing. It provides opportunities to women that the money generated from a football program can afford. I dont think many would argue that. I just dont understand why we need to create more women scholarship athletes in order to add more men non-scholarship athletes. I understand opportunities need to be created, but couldnt that be achieved by creating more women non-scholarship athletes. There's got to be 10 women's programs that could add 2 walk-ons each.
  4. Dosent Title XI only apply to scholarship athletes? I dont see how this would apply to having additional walk-ons. If the womens soccer team wanted to add 5 more walk-ons would we need to create another men's sports program?
  5. This is the best NU basketball team in the last 20 years. Any talk of firing Miles is silly.
  6. Why should it take a little time? I have always believed the right coach turns things around right away. According to any recruiting ranking NU has more talent than anyone in the division. Then I watch these guys play, and it seems unimaginable that these same guys could be a good football team. So, how long will it take?
  7. It wasnt MR who is enamored the the skill position recruits it was us the fans. He did sign 4 stars Barnett, Rairdon, and Farniok. And he reccruited many batter lineman pretty hard. It is like he listened to too many voices, and tried to manage everything instead of coaching. He brought in too many coaches he wasnt familiar with and I wonder if they all got along real well, did they all share the same concepts? Diaco was a disaster that was ultimately the back breaker.
  8. I dont want D Williams around any more. Nothing the DB's are doing is good enough. And I dont want to hear about how great of a recuiter he is. He cant teach DB's. Helfrich is interesting. Over all I like it.
  9. I heard its a 10 year deal. Just talk floating around from a guy who knew about Carl Pelini's stuff before most.
  10. I was thinking about Rhodes at ISU. The guy was once mentioned for better jobs. Things turned south for him and he got fired. Campbell makes 2.5 anually for 5 years at ISU. He is guaranted about 12 million. If he could get 5 anually for 5 years. A guaranteed 25 million why on earth would he turn it down?
  11. If Riely is here next year, how is he able to recruit? Everyone knows why Moos was brought here. No matter how great a coach Riely is in July it makes NU hard to sell.
  12. How much would it hurt to see Riley win 5 and get another year while Frost wins 9 and lands a job at Tennessee or LSU? This guy is our Harbaugh. He can come in and fix everything, day 1.
  13. No way Jones takes a shirt. He is ready for the NFL. Wont delay that another year.
  14. Tom wont want to talk about this. Especially with somebody he isn't comfortable with. Cant make this without Tom.
  15. Do we really know exactly what the injury is?
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