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  1. Frost was yelling to get the players to "Run" off the field, not walk.
  2. The guys from Illinois did go out of bounds, then he put his hand down in the field of play BEFORE he touched the ball. Shouldn't that have triggered a foul prior to touching the ball?
  3. Best of Luck to Tuioti! I do find it strange that Frost bring in a stranger, up to now pretty much everyone were folks Scott knows personally. Does that mean Frost is feeling more comfortable?
  4. Our depth is too thin. I see our D performance drop off in the third quarter - conditioning or depth? We need some more horses to shuttle in and out of the game. That will take another year or two of recruiting. The last two games I've seen a coaching bonus not seen for years. These coaches took guys previously without heart and had them following the ball all game long. They didn't quit mid play.
  5. You could hear that hit in the Card Section - took my breath away.......
  6. Wasn't Frost's QB at UCF pretty small last year as well. I'd sure settle for that kid's skills and performance!
  7. I looked back several pages but this appears to not have been reported. So might check this out before games start or be left in the cold. I received an email from Big Ten Network two days ago stating that in many markets Xfinity was dropping the network. I called Xfinity and confirmed that in the Portland, OR market, Xfinity is dropping their contract. Shame on Xfinity........ This turned out great for me. I kept Xfinity internet and phone, but dropped their TV package. I'm getting my TV via internet streaming and saved a whole bunch of cash. Maybe Xfinity and the BIG will resolve their problems before games start, but in any event, I found myself much better off. GBR!
  8. Taylor was Rocky Balboa - the O-line let so many guys get to him every game - he had to be physically beat up, but Taylor kept getting up time and again trying to make something. Imagine him with a good O-line! Imagine him without C. Probably the toughest player, with the best "can do" attitude I've seen at Nebraska. Even though his teams didn't produce championships, in my book he earned his right to stand with the most elite of players ever to wear the N.
  9. Let me ask a couple of questions, don't flame me for asking honest questions: 1) Does Nebraska have structural issues that have led to our last four coaches being unsuccessful, I'm too far away from the program to know, but sure seems so - 2) Scott Frost is indeed a guy with a very bright future: a) Would NU present too much of a risk to his future earning potential given the last 17 or so years versus other schools?, b) Would a rising star coach demand more money coming to NU just because of the underlying risk of failure(you have to admit NU's Winning Tradition is broken)? In my own mind, if I was Frost, I'd think about my own future.....didn't the stadium boo him when he was playing....probably remembers that experience like it was yesterday....... GBR
  10. UCF has a great passing game......but they ran today against Navy.....was this a bid by Frost for the hearts and minds of the Nebraska fans?
  11. The Beavers have really nice fans. You will be treated like friends. So do the Huskies. Eugene on the other hand is where they send bad tempered Badger and Buffalo fans unfortunately. Be cool.
  12. Do you guys remember how far ahead of kickoff the Sirius web page had the games listed by channel? We will not frequently have internet, but I could get a buddy to text us when and on what channel the show schedule is available. I will call Sirius and see If I can buy a specific package for Husker/BTen games.
  13. I'll have to depend on Sirius XM this fall to hear our games for most of the season. Playing in the back country of Idaho - no phones & no radio Anyone have experience from the last couple of years - will Sirius frequently broadcast our games? Live or Delayed?
  14. The Ref's were skating on a lot of Oregon OL holding......I mean every play.
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