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  1. Seems like we don't develop players internally, we just work with the transfers. We'll never see the three deep O-lines of Coach Tom's days. I miss that kind of football environment.
  2. No - You were not a leader of young men. You were a jerk.
  3. Based on Frost's accomplishments before Nebraska, I see this as a Nebraska problem. This program has been without direction for over 20 years now, something is just wrong in Lincoln. Why would any great Coach now risk their career coming to Nebraska? How will a future Head Coach recruit to Lincoln? Just the facts Ma'am.......Please use facts to tell me I'm wrong.
  4. Why did we keep Ron Brown when it was decided to change direction of the offense? What does he contribute?
  5. Ah........it's two decades.........
  6. Bo was fired because of his asshat behaviors on and off the field. The man is kind of a jerk.
  7. Don't post hearsay. We need truth right now, not misinformation. If you've got facts - post facts.
  8. "TACO BOY?" I hope the Administrators bench you.
  9. We have people who catch the ball and make yards after the catch. Improvement. AM is getting the ball to receivers even without a great Oline. Man can that kid scramble when the pocket collapses! Improvement. We have people running to the ball or following the running back to block. We used to see people stop running. Improvement. The Oline is playing below par, but much, much better than before. We are moving the ball on the ground and in the air. Last night we made some holes. Improvement. I saw guys playing their hearts out and playing to the final whistle. Big Frigging improvement. You go ahead and support condemning / firing Frost. We'll be worse off than before. Support Frost, he is improving the Husker Brand. Remember Dude. Frost started with NU being the "Kansas" or "Kansas State" of the Big 10. How long did it take to turn K-State around in the old Big 8 or Big 12 days?
  10. If you can't see improvements, go ahead and ask for his head. Put us back at square one. If not for special teams errors - we need changes and improvement there - notably the 7 yard punt and the punt left when coverage was for right - we get a different outcome. Right now we look better than we have for many years - have some faith that Frost keeps improving. You Debbie Downers really should think before you post this stuff - "mind-boggling ways?" You really think we are where we were 3 1/2 seasons ago"?
  11. Don't argue to risk the kids because you want watch football this fall. It is their future not yours.
  12. Frost was yelling to get the players to "Run" off the field, not walk.
  13. The guys from Illinois did go out of bounds, then he put his hand down in the field of play BEFORE he touched the ball. Shouldn't that have triggered a foul prior to touching the ball?
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