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  1. That’s why Trev Alberts needs to have a press conference before next season laying out the minimum win/loss requirement for Frost to stay.
  2. Shut down the football program. it’s impossible to defend Frost at this point no matter how hard you try. 8-4 next year is the bare minimum, and if Alberts doesn’t want to lose the fan base he needs to announce the minimum win loss requirements prior to the season.
  3. Before next season Alberts needs to tell fans what minimum number of wins Frost needs in order to keep his job. 8-4 or bye bye IMO.
  4. Frost only wants Adrian to play QB. Tom Brady could show up in Lincoln and Frost would start Martinez
  5. Reason #100 of why Frost should be let go TODAY. https://www.google.com/amp/s/thespun.com/college-football/scott-frosts-old-quote-joe-burrow-going-viral-again/amp Reasons he should stay: 1. He’s from Nebraska. 2. He played for Nebraska.
  6. Saturday: Monday: Frost can stay now if he benches Adrian? What?!!
  7. Exactly. I don’t understand fans that think Frost deserves unlimited amount of time when he has clearly failed as Nebraska’s head coach. Nepotism over sense? He’s making over 1 million per win guys! I’m embarrassed by those coming to his defense. These are the same people that roasted Solich, Callahan, Pelini, and Riley. But give Frost more time? Why? There is no reason and I’m embarrassed by fans making the case for him to stay because they have no case.
  8. To Scott Frost Believers, Can you please argue these points: I don’t think anyone one can.
  9. They are being irrational, and it’s embarrassing as a Husker fan to read the reasons those people give for Frost to stay. Any other coach would’ve been fired by now
  10. The schedule is easy next year. So IF Nebraska brings Frost back and the team goes 6-6 then what? Is that progress? Does that merit another year for Frost? What happened to Bowl game or bust this year? Who is watching this Saturday? Who is paying thousands of dollars/year to watch this product next year? Frost is a Husker legend, I get it and I hate that I’m writing this but it’s time for him to go. Adrian too (he seems like a great person but his execution in big moments seems habitually terrible). Can Frost not find a better QB? How has he not recruited one in 4 years?
  11. Are you saying fans that want to keep Frost are MAYBE being a bit irrational? Bo went 67-27 in 7 seasons. Frost is 15-26
  12. Why is Frost still employed? The fans that think he deserves another year have zero case.
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