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Found 6 results

  1. Here is a video preview by the ES, the oldest college FB blog in the Big Ten. It's from the most popular bar in East Lansing of the upcoming stint at Nebraska. We interview locals about their thoughts on the Spartans vs Corn, review the Spartans whipping of Indiana and the terrible reffing in the Big Ten... plus, video footage of the stumble into Spartan Stadium. Check it out and enjoy! Go GREEN. http://enlightenedspartan.blogspot.com/2015/11/enlightened-spartan-preview-6-mich.html
  2. Here are the starters Illinois has yet to play a home game. Rest of article.
  3. Question is straightforward. I'll start with mine: Michigan I despise everything about Michigan except for Denard Robinson (hard to root against him, he's humble with a million dollar smile). Perhaps it's the saying "We dislike most those who remind us of ourselves". And as much as I hate to say it, Michigan is a mirror image of us. College football blue-blood, top 5 overall in victories, heismans and NC's etc., the Rich Rodriguez and Bill Callahan situations are eerily similar (offensive wizards who were brought down by subpar Defenses), similar block M to our Block N logo (just a blue version) to name a few. But it goes deeper than that (1997 comes to mind). Their fans are arrogant. In my interactions with Michigan fans online and in-person I get the sense that they thumb their nose at our tradition and contributions to college football. It seems like every Michigan fan I spoke to in 2010 had no real excitement or concern about us joining in the big ten, basically revealing their thoughts that we would be a push-over in conference play. Virtually every Michigan fan thinks that they would (not could) have beat us in 2012 if Robinson/Gardner played qb against us, and that they would have scored a touchdown on that drive that Robinson got hurt. I really thought that OSU and Michigan would be Texas and OU respectively before we joined. However, I find it is the complete opposite. Every single OSU fan I talked to in 2010 was genuinely excited to have us in the conference, acknowledging room for multiple powerhouse programs. One of my buddies, who is a Michigan fan, after the Michigan 2011 game (after which they truly felt they were 'back') posted a facebook status: "I remember when a man named Bo Pelini said he had no interest in the Michigan job. No one in Michigan wanted you anyways and today we showed you why" and it really set me off. I feel like we will meet OSU in the CCG on a semi-consistent basis for years to come and that those games will be hard fought to contribute to a respectful rivalry a la OU towards the end (I realize NU and OU hated each others guts in the 60s-90s). But I think the right to represent the legends in the CCG will almost always be decided by NU and Michigan, and consistently having these stakes for our games will make our feelings towards the Maize and Blue get downright nasty like Texas. Refute some of my points if you feel differently
  4. In order for the 'Huskers to win on Saturday at MSU they have to be very consisent on both offense and defense. MSU is a good team, much better than their record indicates. Look what they did to the Wisonsin ground game on the road last week. This game is much bigger to the 'Huskers than it is for MSU. NU needs to protect the ball and get a good flow on offense. This would be a huge win on the road for Pelini and Big Red Nation. If we win this one we are almost a lock to play Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship game. Lets get er done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Easton Baseball's College Baseball Preview is up for the NCAA conferences, including the Big 10, which writer Eric Sorenson has cautious optimism for. Of note: He also has the Big 10's 11 baseball teams (remember: no Wisconsin) projected to finish as follows: And what about DoNU? Mr. Sorenson heaps some reserved praise on our team: Now, IIRC, Khiry Cooper has given up baseball to focus on football because of injury, right? If so, there's a gaffe by the writer, as it was published this morning. Now, here's the bad news per Mr. Sorenson: Honestly, doesn't look like they see anything 'bad', save for Coach Erstad's inexperience--just stuff to fill the bad portion of the piece out. Good thing he's got proven head coaching talent helping him out. Anyway, here's the link again if you'd like to read the rest of the article, including the best non-conference series (Cal @ NU is #2): http://blogs.eastonb...-10-conference/
  6. Help remove this man's name from the Big Ten Championship Trophy now! Sign the petition: http://www.change.org/petitions/commissioner-big-ten-conference-remove-the-name-paterno-from-the-big-ten-football-championship-trophy
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