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Found 8 results

  1. Husker Nation, I need your help! I am currently leading in the race for B1G Fan of the Year, but there are a few Iowa fans who want to change that... Please help by voting for me EACH DAY between now and November 17th! Share with your friends and vote every day! Go Big Red, WE CAN'T LET IOWA WIN!!! Share this with everyone you know and please let's put this competition to rest, considering Husker fans are the greatest in all of college sports! Go Big Red!!! http://bit.ly/1w6Y5bu
  2. Ok, so I will start a new thread here just for my weekly Gameday wallpapers. Nebraska Vs UCLA Husker Max Gameday Wallpaper Featuring Taylor Martinez, getcha some T Magic! http://wickedwallz.blogspot.com/p/husker-wallpapers.html
  3. The PSC finally approved more taxi companies to operate in Lincoln, and they will run at a lower rate than servant, and they will bring in more Taxi's for game days. Over all a good day for people who live here (I wont go for a dinner/drinks downtown due to lack of taxi's and over zealous cops), or for people who come visit on game days. This was long overdue http://journalstar.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/commission-approves-omaha-cab-operation-in-lincoln/article_dd5ee1c9-9d73-5c54-bdb7-8b61d8c4701a.html
  4. After improper voting and ballot-stuffing, ESPN has revealed they will restart their ESPN College gameday vote. The winning school will get to film a commercial at their school. Voting is limited to once per day (hopefully for real this time) and will start May 1. Share this page with everyone, starting May1, as im sure me and all other UNL students would LOVE to have the commercial filmed at our school...and we know how good we are at online polls Gamedayvote.com GBR!!!!
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