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  1. It seems its what we've been talking about since joining the Big, and we b!^@hed about it during the Big 12 days, and the Big 8. Refs are terrible.
  2. Jack Mitchell can suck an egg. Who gives a crap about the refs when you get your s*&t pushed in by Illinois?
  3. Possibly. I think there will be dump trucks full of excuses about this season, and not just here [Cough] Michigan [Cough] Lincoln media was hedging in the days to kickoff at tOSU. I'm so numb to it I have no idea in the end, probably why I set my expectations so low, I have no reason to hope.
  4. At least go 500 and be competitive in all they drop. This season was seemed to be toted as "if we win great if not COIVD". No clue f that holds true if we win one game tho.
  5. 100% This. No more until they actually earn it. Or just get rid of it
  6. Another year and another wheelbarrow full of excuses.
  7. Those people waiting for tickets are getting scarce. With better TV coverage, a continued poor product on field and the fact games continue to get longer with more pauses in the action makes for a worse experience in the stands. Evidence can be seen with NU slowly removing seats and reports of tickets remaining deep into the summer a few years ago.
  8. Let mine lapse about eight years ago. Took the "donation" and turned it into a 65 inch plasma and enjoy watching from home. I was mainly sick of the people around me selling their seats 95% of the time and only showing for the "big" games and when they did show they'd spend most of their time telling people to sit down. Now we tailgate and head home when the rest go to the stadium. We can pick up BBQ on the way and still make it home before kick off.
  9. Who is "we" if you mean The Committee, then no they never applied that logic, see 13 months ago.
  10. Considering the only way you get a good seat at Nebraska is to "donate" I don't see an issue with this.
  11. This isn't an NCAA event, the bowl system is outside NCAA control. The BCS computers picked that game and that event was the watershed moment when everyone agreed something had to be done, taking us to the committee. The old Champ-game-pick-a-matron has Clemson v OU.
  12. Cow Terd called it right. No one stacks their schedule like Alabama. They won't play on the road, they load cupcakes at the end.
  13. Might as well jettison the CCG....


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