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Found 5 results

  1. I'm told Tom Osborne, Charlie McBride, and George Darlington were in the building this morning. <And now old news!> Also was told Gebbia and Martinez are expected to be the Red QBs, with Vedral and Bunch expected on White. GBR!
  2. Where we should be recruiting our players from, and how our past coaches were doing it wrong/right, is argued about a lot, so I decided to make these. These are not really of recruits, they're of the rosters. The way I assigned players was by the first time they showed up on the roster. If a player was on the roster in 2007 and 2008 (like Suh) he was assigned to Callahan. If a player is on Osborne's roster from 1992-1996, they're only included once. One small issue with this is I think someone on the scout team (like when they were huge in the 90s) who moves onto the roster might be assigned to the wrong coach, but I think this would be rare, and they're probably almost always from Nebraska. One other small thing is we've had about 8 players from different countries and some from Hawaii that obviously don't show up on here, so the percentages don't quite add up to 100. (Solich had 3 Hawaiian players, Osborne 1, Callahan 1, and Callahan had 1 Alaskan). I only included the players from 1990 on. If I have more time in the future and people like these I can go back further and see how Osborne's recruiting changed over the years. Another thing I might do is make a Nebraska map showing player recruiting by county. The numbers are the percentages in decimal form. So for the Osborne map, 53.08% of the players are from Nebraska, 5.62% are from California, and so on. Lastly, the color scales are exactly the same for each coach. So if 3% of Solich's roster was from Idaho and 3% of Pelini's roster was from Idaho, they'd be the same shade of red. (except with Nebraska which is always bright red).
  3. Given the current turmoil, I am curious to know: When Pelini was hired on, what were your short term expectations? Long term expectations? As seasons have passed, how have those expectations changed? Did you expect a national title every year, conference titles and a bowl win (50/50 bowl win-loss?), just conference titles and bowl appearances with no determination of W/L, perennial top 10 ranking, etc? I expect snarky responses but at least put an honest response too. I am interested to hear where people had set the bar when Pelini took the helm. I feel like this season specifically people have had high expectations which may not have been entirely realistic or had reasonable expectations but as the season progressed and the awfulness ensued that people maintained those high expectations when it wasn't as obvious the team could reach them anymore. It's one thing to support the team to that level, thats fine but it's another to entirely ignore the situation at hand. I feel like people have rightly criticized the team but also kept that bar at that high level when it should be brought down a little. Might just be my perception of the discussions between people I have talked to though. I have always been dis-interested in the "Fire x-coach" talk because I think it frequently is an over-reaction. So, with that I present some statistics that may be of interest. In 5 complete seasons, plus one partial, (1st head coaching job) Bo Pelini's stat line: 54 Wins 22 losses. 31-22 conference record. 0 conference titles, 4 Division titles. 6 Bowl Games with a 3-3 record. 0 National titles, 1 Unranked season (with potential for another this season). Highest ranking 14th with an average ranking of 20th. In his first 6 full seasons (first head coaching job) Tom Osborne stat line: 55 Wins 16 losses 2 ties. 30-11-1 conference record, 2 conf titles, 6 Bowls with a 4-2 record, 0 National titles, 0 unranked seasons, highest ranking 7th with an avg of 9th. In his first 6 full seasons (second head coaching job): Bob Devaney stat line: 53 wins 12 losses 2 ties, 34-8 conference record, 4 conference titles, 5 Bowl games with a 2-3 record, 0 National Titles, 2 unranked seasons, highest ranking 3rd with an avg of 5/6th. While its not complete apples to apples because of conference alignment, existent/nonexistent divisions, etc, you can still see that Bo is not far off from the "Holy Ones". I am sure I could have left off names and certain statistics like #of conf titles or whatever and many wouldn't be able to quickly identify which stat line belonged to which coach. That is not to mention that it took Devaney 3 more seasons and TO another 16 seasons to get that National title ball rolling. So this is why I guess I am curious of everyone's previous expectations for success and where you all set the bar. Obviously hindsight is 20/20 and people can BS but I am being honest here when I say I thought that the Huskers could have been a perennial conference title contender and say a once every 5 year top 5 team (maybe national title appearance) and while I am disappointed with how it turned out in 6 seasons so far, I am also not in the fire-pelini camp...yet, because I tend to be more impatiently patient and I think that while setting a bar is good, the season is so dynamic that it can be really hard to reach that bar. Maybe that is my "tough season, we'll get them next year" mentality showing through after going through so many terrible seasons in support of MN Twins baseball. What say you?
  4. This seems like the perfect opportunity to announce that Doc won't be returning after this season and begin the hunt for a new head coach. I know that's not how it will go down, but we've hit bottom. Tom needs to be proactive right now. He can't be perceived as continuing to support a coach who's clearly in well over his head. I can't wait to hear Doc's latest version of "I don't know why we lost!"
  5. Tonight at 7pm Central the BTN is airing their Big Ten Icons segment on Tom Osborne. Be there or be square.
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