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Found 5 results

  1. When Coach Riley was hired, I was surprised. Not because I didn't think it was a good hire, but because I never thought he'd leave Corvallis. Oregon State and TCU are my "secondary teams", and I was hoping to see NU hire a coach from my secondary teams. I was thinking Gary Patterson though. That being said, when the hire was announced, I thought it was a home run. If Riley could put together those teams in Corvallis that had way more NFL talent than they should have; what could he do in Lincoln? Turns out, pretty much the same. I contributed to the Tanner Le
  2. The article below is just one recent item I selected however it is not intended to be the only item supporting my thinking. For this article I think urgency is required to be successful in any profession and this article touches on the topic. When I consider what Riley has done Nebraska is looking more and more like a program poised for success than it has been at any time since Tom retired. The article on setting up a recruiting department to support the aggressive work being done already is an example of future thinking. Not sitting on crappy assistant coaches is a great example. The us
  3. Where we should be recruiting our players from, and how our past coaches were doing it wrong/right, is argued about a lot, so I decided to make these. These are not really of recruits, they're of the rosters. The way I assigned players was by the first time they showed up on the roster. If a player was on the roster in 2007 and 2008 (like Suh) he was assigned to Callahan. If a player is on Osborne's roster from 1992-1996, they're only included once. One small issue with this is I think someone on the scout team (like when they were huge in the 90s) who moves onto the roster might be as
  4. I found this article very, very interesting: http://fivethirtyeight.com/datalab/after-signing-day-wisconsin-makes-the-best-of-its-recruits/ I'm surprised Duke is so far to the left of the line in the seven year study. The seven year study also reflects what some have felt about DONU in the last few years.
  5. For all those worried about current Husker commits (including me): coach Riley has been out meeting with NU recruits yesterday and today. LJS reports he's meeting with Lee in Denver tonight. Red Reign on Huskermax posted that Riley is meeting with the Davis twins on Wednesday. Stanley Morgan tweets he talked to some of the staff today. Sean Callahan tweeted that OL Coach Cav talked with Decker. I assume the staff has contacted everyone now, but these are just the tweets and reports that are out now. Mike Riley @Coach_Riley ยท 3h 3 hours ago First in home visit tonight
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