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Found 7 results

  1. I do not say much, mostly observe. I have known Tom Osborne since the fall of 1973. I have seen spirit and rebuilding. When Tom took over the program as head coach, (just off two National Championships) the team was depleted of talent. Most fans today don't know this, Tom never talks about it, but he confided in me that he would never leave the team in the condition he received it. He left it in excellent shape, and we should have had more championships . . . I've been very disappointed in the decorum, leadership and basic coaching ever since. With that said, please look at what we have seen out of Coach Mickey Joseph since he has been interim head coach. He took a "flag football" team and picked up pieces of the program and motivated the players, believing in their individual talents. These players feel like winners again, they played their hearts out against major ranked teams that would have been total blowouts. Why haven't we seen blowouts? The players are motivated they play as a team and they love this coach, he's a players coach and I truly beleive he can revive the program in Nebraska. Remember, the fans hated Tom Osborne his first couple years until he too rebuilt the program. May God Bless the program, and these fine men!
  2. My Husker memorabilia is looking for a good home. Have not given up on any Husker sports, life has changed since I bought it and have needs for the family. I figured I would sell it here before it goes on ebay. You can respond here or call Ryan at 402-640-7887 with offers. GO BIG RED! *Framed US Postal Service envelope signed by Tom Osborne and Neal Anderson *Big Tommie Frazier "The Run" framed, matted and signed *Scott Frost and Matt Davison signed, framed and matted "The Catch" *1995 seniors football cards framed and matted *Brook Berringer "Thanks for the memories" poster framed *Eric Crouch signed authentic schutt full sized helmet in case *Eric Crouch signed football in case *Dean Steinkuehler signed football in case *Eric Crouch signed Sports Illustrated *Sports Illustrated after winning title except for 1970 *Miscellaneous newspapers, example: Omaha paper after Crouch won heisman
  3. Allen Iverson is widely cited by high school FB enthusiasts in the area as the best football player to ever come out of Newport News, Virginia. Considering Michael Vick, Marcus Vick, Aaron Brooks, and Ronald Curry all hail from the same town that is no small praise. I've been a diehard Philadelphia 76er fan since AI's rookie year. I bought a book about him called "Only the strong survive" and in it they talk about how AI was heavily recruited after his junior year at QB and DB/PR/KR. It's been a while since I read the book but if I remember correctly, Nebraska was one of the schools recruiting him. He got arrested later in his junior year and they said that virtually every school that was recruiting him backed off. John Thompson III only offered him a basketball scholarship to Georgetown after AI's mother went to him to plead a case for her son. Being that the only two sports teams that I am a fan of are the Huskers and 76ers I repeatedly fantasize about AI playing QB in that option offense under TO. With his deadly speed and the option to pitch it to Lawrence Phillips, my mind runs wild about what could have been. Though with AI's legal issues, him and LP would have been the biggest Risk management nightmare for TO. Check the man's highlights for yourself and let me know if you agree or disagree that he would have been the perfect QB to run the option at Nebraska under TO. I know we had a pretty good guy in Tommie Frazier, so even if not QB, would have been a killer WR/Returner or DB/Returner. As stated in the video, he holds the state record for interceptions in a game with 7 picks.
  4. Today is Dr. Tom's 75th birthday. Happy Birthday, Dr. Tom!
  5. Hi fellas. I'm not a Husker fan per se, I'm actually a Miami Hurricanes fan (I know, I know) that has always been intrigued by the option game Solich and Osborne used to run at NU. I'm a HS coaching veteran of 8 years now and after dabbling in the spread (was obsessive about this) and wing-t (not by choice) I ran the i-formation two years ago and liked it and especially the option out of it. I started studying the midline game, veer, etc and that's brought me here. I'm going to convert the offense to the NU i-formation and run the option out of it, and am looking for some film/cut ups of the offense. I realize that this could be time consuming, however on Thanksgiving, I figure why not give thanks to my favorite QB of all-time Tommie Frazier and reach out for help. Shoot me a message if you're interested in helping or have some youtube videos available. side note: I have a copy of the 1997 playbook. Thanks Coach D
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