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Found 4 results

  1. Entertaining SI article listed below. Sadly, Nebraska was only able to get some sniffs at 'Interior D Line U'. https://www.si.com/nfl/2020/04/11/which-college-football-programs-produce-the-best-players-at-each-position
  2. Spring ball counts, right? Herm Edwards seems to think he only needs 45 guys? What The Hell Is Herm Edwards Talking About?
  3. 17 college football moments that would’ve been even more amazing if Twitter had been around at the time Included is this: I thought this was a cool idea. What other Nebraska football moments would've been even more amazing if Twitter had been around at that time?
  4. Well, we are 4 weeks in and some teams have impressed while others have not. If you were to make a top 10 right now, which teams would you have. Mine: 1. Oregon 2. LSU 3. Stanford 4. Gumps 5. tOSU 6. FSU 7. Louisville 8. Clemson 9. Georgia 10. A&M i know some of these teams have played pud games but have looked damn good doing so. I gave A&M a little break because of the show they put on against Bama. They will probably lose one more to LSU in Death Valley but will steamroll everyone else. Oregon has looked unstoppable in the games that they played, same with LSU. Stanford is just a fundamentally sound team that punches you in the mouth on both O and D. Bama has looked pedestrian in the games they have played except for the A&M game. tOSU has had some troubles early in games but have adjusted in them to whip the crap out of the teams. Fsu and their freshman QB look unstoppable for now along with Louisville. Louisville might have the 2nd best offense behing Oregon in football.
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