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  1. \\ Purdue Game Discussion Thread //

    Ball don't lie!
  2. \\ Official UCLA Game Discussion Thread //

    Blood in the water indeed! The defense is playing with energy. Black shirts for the win!
  3. GT: #10 Nebraska vs #2 Ohio State - 5:30PM - BTN

    Slow the pace of the game down and we will be fine. Upset city.
  4. GT: #10 Nebraska vs #2 Ohio State - 5:30PM - BTN

    Fantastic start! Seems OSU was not expecting Nebraska's energy to start.
  5. Penn State returned some tickets

    Thanks for the heads up. Just got a pair through the ticket office high up in south stadium. Tickets are 75 a pop and seem to be going fast.
  6. *** Official Michigan State Game Discussion Thread ***

    there we go blackshirts!
  7. Feedback on sign for the game...

    Pretty terrible if you ask me. Lacks creativity.
  8. Fonzie's Big Day

    As a big Pats fan...Dennard is doing pretty well. He played the entire game versus Seattle after the starting cornerback let up a few passes and then a td. When Dennard replaced him, it was lockdown coverage minus a touchdown he let up after a bad read. Hopefully he becomes a starter next week as you can see the potential in him.
  9. ***Predict the Idaho State Score, Passing and Rushing Yards***

    NU-31 ISU-10 Passing-275 Rushing-220
  10. don't look now but iowa is making a comeback!
  11. this color commentator is terrible. sounds like the biggest creep.
  12. It's a shame

    the play calling was absolutely terrible. when t-magic had one of the better games of his career you throw the ball. instead we decided to run the ball even though it was obvious we could not do so. just terrible. nevermind the lack of use with the timeouts in the end of the game.
  13. Michigan State Tailgate Time?

    I will be attending my first UNL game this Saturday (not a bad draw, huh?) What time will the bars open and what time will people start drinking downtown for the 11 AM kickoff? I plan to get there around 7:30 to get a bit of a buzz going before I root on my boys.