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  1. Could also be Hoiberg cutting the cord. Let’s face it, this kid isn’t a great fit in his system and not someone to be that excited about regardless. This is a good move for both parties imo.
  2. He lost his boys and this was the perfect opportunity to start fresh. He was closest with Gill and Cope and with Gill done last year and Cope done this year along with the coaching change, well it makes sense.
  3. I don’t think so imo. Bo was fired after Iowa and Barney coached the bowl game. Same concept. Logistically it’s probably not a big deal for an assistant to coach in the NIT considering no one cares about that trournament anyways.
  4. As a coach I would think that looks great. As mentioned we have the fan support, AD support, facilities, ample time, everything. But get a load of this, the expectations are wanting to make the tourney and win a game. Literally come to a P5 program and don’t have to worry about winning the B1G, don’t have to worry about making it to the sweet 16, elite 8, etc. The expectations are only to win a tournament game and make the tourney every 2-3 years or so, and when that happens, you’ve set yourself up pretty nicely for a more name brand basketball school along with going down in Nebraska hist
  5. Penn state is terrible. Illness going through our team was worse than just Nana being being sidelined for most of the game. Unfortunately we are team that plays down to lower competition. We have more talent than MSU without Langford. I trust Glynn to slow down Winston. Ward will be double teamed and still beat us on the glass and get his points but it won’t be enough. Atmosphere will be unreal and we will pull it out.
  6. I grabbed Indiana ML. The way I see it, I’d gladly pay for a Road W right now so it’s a win-win in my mind. I almost took plus money on Maryland and then wanted to take Iowa, but didn’t. Might as well make money if we continue to tank on the road. Flip side is I’m fine paying for a road W against a good team.
  7. Once again we are the more talented team. Let’s see if we can learn from the last two collapses and steal a road W.
  8. No, I’m thinking it would be a mutual departure as Moos doesn’t appear to be a fan of his antics. It’s also the collective thought for a lot of the national pundits, that there’s a chance Miles won’t be here next year regardless of which direction this year goes. I more so meant what I said based on the fact that Moos has said football and basketball are the two most important sports for the university and I think he wants his own guy. Coupled with the fact that the Miles tenure will always be a roller coaster and it’s pretty obvious we will take a massive step back next year.
  9. Big boy football. It’s a business, want to win, or want to not hurt feelings?
  10. I think he needs to take another power conference equivalent job after this year. I’m sure Moos wants his own guy and Miles won’t be able to ever sustain success here. It’s apparent this season won’t be a bust to get him fired so I think the best interest is for a mutual split where he takes another job. We thank him for our first tourney win and go a different direction. He’s a smart guy, and anyone looking ahead to next years roster knows it’s a 20 loss team, with or without Roby coming back. So why stick around and get fired next year instead of jumping on your upside after this season
  11. No one wants to just make the tournament. You jump in as a 10 seed and you lose then what? Last night was an example of the types of games that separate a 5-6 seed from a 9-10 seed. The expectation this season is not to make the tournament, it’s to make the tournament and win games. The thought of not making the tourney with this roster would mean an implosion, we need to worry about seeding.
  12. Unreal. We are easily, easily the better team. What a f#&%ing collapse.
  13. Going to be a dogfight. Coffey is locked in and they’ll make a run in the 2nd half. Stay poised and get out with a W. We are the better team.
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