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  1. Called out on the field by the ump.
  2. With all of the flooding going on in Norfolk today I was only able to catch about the last 2 minutes of the game. Holy cow! GBR!
  3. The Cornfather

    2019 Season Prediction Thread

    This is almost exactly what I was thinking too but I might throw in Purdue along with NW and Iowa.
  4. This effort is pretty embarrassing and it totally reminds me of the last year under Riley... yuck
  5. The Cornfather

    Tim Miles Hot Seat Watch

    So who realistically would Moos be looking at for a replacement? I don't follow basketball much at all outside of Nebraska so I have no idea how this would go. The thought of a new ciach/direction (esp with Moos in charge) does fill me with some optimism though I must say.
  6. I really liked what JPJ did against Indiana the other day and if he can play like that I don't think we need him to score 20+ every game, but yeah he didn't have a good night.
  7. We put up a good fight but Sparty is just too good dagnabit.
  8. Its so frustrating to watch this team play sometimes... man, get it together guys!
  9. The Cornfather

    NCAA Final Four - Huskers vs. Illinois

    How bout them Huskers!!! Amazing!!!
  10. The Cornfather

    Bracketology 2019

    So I just was catching up on news and saw that Seton Hall beat Kentucky... that's got to be good for us right?
  11. The Cornfather

    NCAA Elite 8 - Huskers vs. Oregon

    Rematch with Oregon!! GBR!!!
  12. The Cornfather

    NCAA Elite 8 - Huskers vs. Oregon

    Oregon is up 2 sets to 1 on Minnesota right now... I'd DEFINITELY like to see them again tomorrow.
  13. A little bit more adventurous there at the end then I'd like but a big win nonetheless. GBR!!