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  1. drummer7

    350th Sellout

    I'm really sad that we lowered capacity. Our top 10 games by attendance are going to be lame for awhile. Illinois, Rutgers, Perdon't... at least Miami is in there on top.
  2. I saw a lot of good things today. I still decided to do some research on what I think is a telling and interesting stat. I'm curious if anyone can find any errors in here to prove me wrong: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18AWNj483o4b3-ixXdYx26gRLW7xkSdNxY0mtvp25-Hw/edit#gid=0
  4. Need a long drive here. I hate losing games at the end because our defense spends all day on the field.
  5. I'm not sure if we all read the hilarity over on tunnelwalkofshame.com, but if you don't you should. Head over and read his post titled "You can be mad at Bo, but don't stop there." In it he talks about upgrading the Memorial Stadium experience. He seconds Jack Mitchell's suggestion of playing "God Is Gonna Cut You Down" by Johnny Cash before the 4th quarter. I think that song says God too much to be considered an intimidating football song, even if it has a cool feel to it. "God" cannot easily be replaced in people minds as "Cornhuskers" (well, maybe it can). Plus, some people would probably complain. I have a suggestion myself and I want to get some opinions. First, we bring back the "Big Red Machine" nickname. It's justified, because we still call our defense the "Blackshirts" even when they are miserable. Then, before the first snap or during the transition between defense and offense, we play a shortened version of . If there is a long break, we start it at the beginning and then cut to the 3:40ish mark. For shorter breaks, start around the 3:40 mark. Then what it needs is what Memorial Stadium has needed for a long time, coordinated cheering that isn't just constantly clapping to the music. We need some coordinated machine looking movement (fist pump waves?) and LOTR-Orc-army-sounding Hooo-HAhhhh cheering. Play some highlights with that s*** and I think we have an intimidating stadium. I linked the song so give it a listen. Here it is again Thoughts?
  6. drummer7

    Memorial Stadium Boom

    What if just maybe.....just maybe.....the crowd would be as loud as we were after that catch when the team actually really needs us? That was incredible volume. No way could an opposing offense function properly with that insanity in the stands. If my voice isn't hoarse by the end of the game, then I didn't do my job. Wish everyone had that rule (unless there is some kind of medical problem).
  7. Lincoln Lawrence - W Stillwater - W Ann Arbor - L Madison - L Columbus - L Manhattan - W Arlington - 2L San Diego - L Orlando - 2L Indianapolis - L East Lansing - W West Lafayette - W Away record = 5-9 (Former CMB member)
  8. Neb: 45 Minn: 17 Rush: 245 Pass: 203
  9. I'm trying to find an aerial view of a full memorial stadium from one of this year's games but have come up with nothing. The only overhead view of a full stadium with the expansion that I can find is photoshopped. Anyone else able to find any?
  10. N = 49 Indian Headdress = 21 Pass = 280 Rush = 212 Defense gets 2 picks. One for a score & one that saves a touchdown near the endzone.
  11. drummer7

    Message to the b.l.a.ckout Hold-Outs

    That would be really really cool if everyone did that hahaha.
  12. drummer7

    Message to the b.l.a.ckout Hold-Outs

    For this young D it might actually help if we were just silent the whole time, but if I don't have a hoarse voice by the end of the game I feel like I didn't do my job.
  13. drummer7

    Message to the b.l.a.ckout Hold-Outs

    Nebraska WISHES they could do things right, but they can't, they are controlled by the most "traditional" donors on the planet. Even in the stadium last game, the HuskerVision operators put someone holding a sign on the screens that said "Wear black to next weeks game" and left him on there a long time. Nebraska doesn't know how to handle the balance between tradition and trends. Oregon isn't winning so many games because of their rich tradition.
  14. drummer7

    Message to the b.l.a.ckout Hold-Outs

    I highly doubt the media will say anything about the Sea of Red is a failure. People should also realize that the players are being encouraged to spread the word since the athletic department has to do the bidding of the "traditional" (old) people with the money. Why else would the players be tweeting and facebooking about it as much as they are? I'm sure the people in the athletic department also think the black would be cool.
  15. drummer7

    Message to the b.l.a.ckout Hold-Outs

    You'd never get the whole stadium black unless the 90k shirts were given out before the game, but that's no reason not to wear one. People are already wearing black, so you might as well join them. "It's not going to work" is not an excuse to not wear one. If you know about it, you should do it. People are already wearing red too, so I might as well join them...? You're just proving that there's no real incentive one way or the other. If you want to wear red because we're Nebraska then do it. If you want to wear black because the jerseys are black then do that. There is incentive to wear black more so than red. The players you are supporting are asking you to.