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  1. 2018-2019 Season Notes

    Does anyone know when tickets go on sale?
  2. He's taken Nebraska references on his Twitter down. Not a good sign. Hope he stays committed.
  3. 2018 NCAA Tournament

    Yeah, not sure how you can out rebound cuse and get 24 more shot attempts and still lose. Did no one play zone on them this season? Hope Michigan and Purdue can keep winning.
  4. I didn't say that, I said home court advantage is a bigger deal than you're making it out to be. So you think Nebraska loses this game even if it was at PBA? 16-1 at home says probably not. If you don't think playing at home has any advantage in college, I can't help you.
  5. Didn't necessarily win because they were "better" as a high seed. See nebraskas home vs away-neutral record this season. Hell, any team for that matter.
  6. Head Basketball Coach Search

    Didn't you hear? he's got NBA hands. Plus he doesn't really know how good he is
  7. Surely we will next year if we have some top 25 teams at home, but it won't matter, we'll lose in the first round because we can't seem to play well on the road.
  8. Crappy two games to end the season and in an arena at 15% capacity, with terrible announcers and a new player "Isaiah copeland"
  9. The lack of activity in this thread illustrates just how underwhelmed everyone is by this game. My fear is the team doesn't really care either. Thatd be a sad way to end the season. Hope we can come out with a lot of energy.
  10. Bracketology

    Higher seed plays at home regardless right? So there's still a chance at a home game if we can win one or two on the road and some teams in our bracket get upset?
  11. Yep, there's nothing to play for at this point. No home crowd, just, "well no one thinks we're worth a s#!t". I totally understand if they come not caring and just wanting to move on to next year.
  12. Bracketology

    Hypothetical. Kansas misses late three, or Gill makes late three... We make the tournament? seems kinda crazy that one shot determines whether or not we are better than 16+ teams.
  13. Bracketology

    One point from a win over a one seed, One suspension and injury from a win over a tournament team (minnesota). The universe hates Nebrasketball. I get it, we f*cked up at OSU and Purdue, but OU can drop 8 of their last 10 and get in? I get not making the tournament, but how the hell do we not get one home game in the NIT. Slap in the face indeed.
  14. Bracketology

    how many of the "big boys" had 66% of thier top 50 RPI games on the road or neutral?
  15. Bracketology

    a five seed? this is just stupid. Id rather have no post season than NIT away games. decline that s#!t.