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  1. Call Your Shot - Rutgers

    I'm all in on the players stepping up this week after Eichorst getting canned, I see it either going downhill from last week or finally putting a full game together. As a Husker faithful I choose the latter
  2. Call Your Shot - Rutgers

    Tyjon gets his first collegiate touchdown Defense doubles its sack total for the year (3) Lee completes over 70% of throws Huskers get a defense/special teams touchdown
  3. ***Rutgers Prediction Contest***

    Nebraska - 27 Rutgers - 13 Passing - 225 Rushing - 115 Defense keeps improving and offense does just enough.
  4. 5-4 on the season now that I'm caught up
  5. DE Micah Parsons

    Wiltfong just changed his to Penn State now.
  6. Well then I would have just picked the ones I won, that doesn't seem fair
  7. Better late than never right....here's my 9 to catch up. Kansas State -3.5 Ohio State -30 Texas +16.5 Oklahoma State -13 Illinois +17 Colorado State +28.5 UCLA -3 Clemson -3 Nebraska -14
  8. Exactly, could care less if we play Iowa or not for the last game. But the black Friday game has been around longer than I've been alive and I haven't heard a good reason yet to get rid of it yet.
  9. Ok that's what I thought you were saying, sounds a little fishy to me is all
  10. I think it's only a select few in each division that will rotate every two years, not all Big 10 schools. If I understood the article correctly.
  11. Nebraska - 31 N. Illinois - 20 Passing - 278 Rushing - 165
  12. After reading, definitely didn't ease my mind on his commitment to Nebraska. But at the same time if life after football, academics, and other non football factors are so important to him, I can't help but think that Nebraska is still sitting good with him, since academics are kind of what we're known for. Can't fault him for being honest.
  13. WR Isaah Crocker

    Two more CB's came in from Warren & Towle
  14. https://www.landof10.com/nebraska/nebraska-commit-brendan-radley-hiles-last-ride Part 2: In the Life, nothing Husker related, just talks about the upcoming game. Just glad to see another article not about Florida.
  15. CB Mario Goodrich [Nebraska Commit]

    Have a little insight on Jones injury. From what I've been told is that it wasn't nearly as severe as what was initially reported and was expected back in a couple months, this was a month ago.