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  1. OT Jalan Robinson [Kansas- Signed LOI]

    Thanks, wasn't aware of that.
  2. OT Jalan Robinson [Kansas- Signed LOI]

    Is there a time table for guys like this that don't sign today?
  3. DT Otito Ogbonnia [UCLA - Signed LOI]

    Signed with UCLA
  4. LB Caleb Tannor [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    Lets GOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
  5. LB Caleb Tannor [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    Got it, had to switch to my phone
  6. LB Caleb Tannor [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    Anyone getting the live feed to work?
  7. Here's total touches if anyone was wondering: Taylor = 307 Larkin = 95 Evans = 151 Knox = 105 Jones = 126 Wilbon = 109 99.9% on 307 touches would blow my mind if I hadn't watched the games
  8. CB's have really been shifting for him, yesterday we were tied with Miss. State, now the leader is foggy with us in second.
  9. Mississippi State, Nebraska, and Arizona State are final 3. Is taking one more trip but doesn't know where yet.