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  1. Official Week 8 Picks (13-8 on the year) West Virginia -9.5 South Florida -11.5 Arkansas State -12.5
  2. Rex and/or Rob Ryan

    Wouldn't be opposed to one Ryan, but I don't think I could handle two of them.
  3. Sexism - It's a Real Thing

    Barstool Sports isn't politically correct and that's what makes them different. They make every prospective employee sign one of those, not like it's exclusively for women.
  4. Another solid week, 3-0! 13-8 for the year. I hit the middle on Michigan vs. Indiana, took Michigan at -5.5 and Indiana when it got to +7.5
  5. Realistic Coaching Hires with the AD

    That was 20 years ago
  6. *Let us pray* Ohio State 2017

    Let it be by the code
  7. Official Week 7 Picks Georgia Tech +6.5 West Virginia -3.5 Michigan -5.5 (I locked this one in when it came out on Monday, been at 7.5 since then)
  8. ***Ohio State Prediction Contest***

    Buckeyes - 45 Huskers - 24 Passing - 270 Rushing - 95
  9. Same here, banking on a garbage touchdown from POB
  10. Daily Nebraskan really has no hope this week
  11. Racism - It's a real thing.

    Wonder how different that would be if done in the United States or if it would be pretty similar in numbers.
  12. Antonio Reed is arguably our most effective safety, he was the lowest rated recruit in the 2015 class, only ahead of the long snapper.
  13. That has to be pretty accurate, I just typed a bunch of them into 24/7 and Farmer and Gates were the only 4 stars. Farmer had a rating just above .90. Kalu, Jones, Stoltenburg...all 3 stars, same goes for almost all upperclassmen playing right now.
  14. I would throw in Miami instead of Washington State, more so just to see them play Wisconsin and lose by 20. Also wouldn't mind a Big 12 team to shake things up. 1. Georgia 2. Wisconsin 3. Miami 4.TCU
  15. Solid week for me, 3-0 Up to 10-8 for the year