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  1. Hey man, I didn't say it was funny, just informing what the reference was to
  2. Mike Riley told Bookie he'd want him to go to OU if he was his son
  3. This is one of those posts I wish I could give multiple +1's to
  4. It's gonna happen... white helmet confirmed. The rest is all black
  5. I'm not anointing the defense as back, but the offense had just as much to do with them getting back into the game as the young guys making young guys mistakes. 4 of 5 drives in the 2nd half were either 3 or 4 offensive plays then a punt. Thats awful when the opponent is trying to play power football
  6. You guys realize psu ran 91 plays right? And we still managed to hold them to less points than Ohio State did
  7. There were a few times look would be in the pocket forever and then just dump it off to Mills, so he was definitely scanning on a few plays. Other plays, like his int at the goal line, it felt like that was the only receiver in the play that was designed for him to look at. While that throw was terrible, a single crossing route passing play 3 yards from the end zone where there was lot of traffic is more on the coaches. Outside passing plays and edge rushing was working. The coaches needed to put the team in a better position to succeed than with "simple read" plays like that
  8. Or say something like "positive vibes Ronald Thompkins". Though he put himself in the transfer portal
  9. We are fans. We literally cannot control any aspect of they games we fanaticize over. This is what we do.
  10. Wisconsin board. They legit started a thread about coming here and the rivals huskerboard to troll... I was bored and decided no life it today ok lol?
  11. By the sounds of things, Wisconsin is gonna come out of this looking reeaaally bad.
  12. Maybe I missed it, but since they're shutting down for 7 days at minimum, they'll all but have to cancel their game next too, right? 3 days or less of practice after missing a whole week of activities and then a game seems dangerous
  13. What? Do you know what the word definition of refute is?
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