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  1. Swiv3D

    Fighting Erstad's vs Michigan

    Hagge looks like a goon with his Jersey like that lol
  2. Swiv3D

    ***Official 2019 College Football Thread***

    Didn't know what thread to put this is or know if it's already been posted, but that's the 150 years of cfb patch every team will wear
  3. Swiv3D

    Roster Outlook for The 2019-2020 Season

    Hell, Fred can stay in his office, I'll escort Thor onto the plane myself if that was the case
  4. Swiv3D

    Roster Outlook for The 2019-2020 Season

    I think this means Roby is gone
  5. https://journalstar.com/opinion/letters/letter-an-open-letter-to-the-new-husker-basketball-staff/article_e85958b7-2039-5724-a5be-151210a5751c.html " I don't pretend to speak for the entire fan base, but I hope you can learn something from the quiet majority."
  6. Swiv3D

    *Opponent Preview - Northwestern** Games 46-48

    That shouldn't cause us to be this bad.
  7. What if parents or players prefer to keep it private?
  8. Swiv3D

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    Fox wants ratings, CNN's are falling. They want to take advantage
  9. Swiv3D

    Fighting Erstads @ Iowa Games 39-41

    Holy chit
  10. Swiv3D

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    Ah, thanks
  11. Swiv3D

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    This is what confuses me. Is he saying he doesn't have enough evidence so he's not confident in doing it himself so he wants Congress to try to do it, and if that's the case what would they be able to do with the evidence he couldn't? Or is he saying due to his position he doesn't think he has the power himself to do anything so maybe Congress can with his evidence?
  13. Swiv3D

    Spring Practice Pressers

    Duct tape and a sharpie works too
  14. Swiv3D

    Hoiberg Assistants

    Still remember him tearing up in his post firing press conference saying he wished he could've been the one to win Nebraska's first NCAA tourney game
  15. Swiv3D

    Thomas Allen transferring?

    I feel like he just chose them because it made the photoshop a lot easier