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  1. Swiv3D

    Suicide Signs

    Yeah I used to park at blue 3 and there was one on the door on the way out on the south end iirc
  2. Swiv3D

    Suicide Signs

    Theres anti suicide signs in most of the garages I've been in downtown
  3. Swiv3D


  4. Swiv3D

    The best hit ever

    What about frost's block?
  5. Swiv3D

    The best hit ever

    As a 22 year old kid I was gonna say this
  6. Swiv3D

    NU Alternate/Throwback Unis for Illinois

    Yeah not even close. 2014 will never be beat as the worst and seriously doubt you were at that game if you disagree
  7. A leather helmet. A&M did something similar Edit: here
  8. Obviously heighten security... but is there really all that much the school can do if the crowd decides to rush the field?
  9. Swiv3D

    Northwestern Week Pressers