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  1. I think his disapproval is more damning for Miles than losing tonight's game
  2. He really is. Cant tell if he tries too hard or if he doesn't care enough anymore
  3. How were either of those fouls on allen???
  4. Swiv3D

    Huskers in 2019....

    Good for him!
  5. Swiv3D

    New tunnel walk theme? #offseason

    Joker and the thief is so much better
  6. My intention wasnt to start an argument, just to state that your problem is that you use bleacher report
  7. Yet you took the time to read it, be upset about it, and rant about it here. Again, your problem was you're reading bleacher report
  8. Your problem is you use bleacher report
  9. Swiv3D

    Dedrick Mills - LOI Signed

    Yes, scrap it all
  10. Swiv3D

    Things That Happened - Iowa Edition

    I'll pass the word
  11. Swiv3D

    Things That Happened - Iowa Edition

    Edit: Holy crap I actually know him lol. He's the boyfriend of one of my best friends at UNL. He's actually a pretty cool guy and will probably think this thread is hilarious when I show him