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  1. Swiv3D

    Nebraska v Michigan State: 11 am on FOX

    True. Mines gray personally
  2. Swiv3D

    Nebraska v Michigan State: 11 am on FOX

    Kinda tough to have a blackout when people wanna stay warm and not everyone's coat is black... oh and the whole showing up thing
  3. Swiv3D

    B1G Week 10

    And Iowa got knocked out
  4. Swiv3D

    OWH: Sellout Streak Perspective

    Look at the date on that tweet
  5. Swiv3D

    OWH: Sellout Streak Perspective

    Ron Gould was a former Oregon player for a year and Oregon GA for a couple, but that was it
  6. Swiv3D

    Special Teams

    Theres plenty of special teams threads. Find one of those.
  7. Swiv3D

    *** Official Ohio State Game Thread ***

    He literally stopped... so dumb
  8. Swiv3D

    Special Teams

    Great... why not say this in the game thread?
  9. Swiv3D

    Mo Washington

    I mean his Twitter handle is "Mo_is_blessed" so you tell me
  10. He fell down a flight of stairs
  11. Swiv3D

    Mo Washington

  12. Swiv3D

    Mo Washington

    I find this highly doubtful
  13. Swiv3D

    Holloween Husker Style

    My Halloween husker style was not remembering anything that happened after 10:30p last Saturday
  14. Swiv3D

    Adrian Martinez Injury

    Because because