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  1. Assuming you know what's going on in someone's head is a dangerous game
  2. This is gaining traction and isn't gonna end well for Iowa
  3. Why are you assuming I'm biased in this post? I never claimed Trump did the right thing. I'm just sick of politicians trying to show how less bad they are at their jobs by showing how they're not as bad as another politician. They're all failing and all lack leadership, not just Trump (who, I agree, is diplomatically failing hard). I don't have an answer, because the peaceful protests are a right that the country was founded on, and it promotes free thinking along with opportunities to grow and learn to create an even better place to live (such as continuing the fight to end racism). My issue is in the hypocrisy of how politicians are handling the current issues and how it doesn't help anyone but the politicians (this goes for both parties). I live in Iowa, who has a curfew also but people were still protesting late last night in Urbandale without any repercussions. Luckily, as I said, they were just peacefully protesting by marching, which I'm all for, but then what's the point of the curfew? No
  4. She would have a point if she was actually enforcing the curfew right now (9:25 ct as I post this), but she's not.
  5. It's like watching your dentist walk into the room with a giant dip in his mouth
  6. Just saw a friend's snapchat story here in Des Moines showing a target that boarded itself up. Don't know which specific location it was or if it was said they're all doing that due to current circumstances. For all I know this one could've been already shutting down for good before all of this. Just relaying what I saw
  7. Right next to some brand new lofts I just got done doing electrical work on
  8. Not gonna lie, I thought this was a pair of mens underwear briefs at first glance
  9. That'll happen when the same hyperbole is used over and over. You sound like the sheep from Animal Farm.
  10. I would die if he were to actually tweet this
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