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  1. Swiv3D

    Guy Thomas gone

  2. Swiv3D

    Dismuke & Stovall cited by police

    Lmao... only 50%??? You must be on something too
  3. It's not that his posts are too long... they're too long without any meaningful content which makes reading it a complete waste of time
  4. Swiv3D

    Duval's S&C - Year 2

    What the hell kind of collars do you use that weigh 5-10 lbs???
  5. Swiv3D

    WR Xavier Watts [Notre Dame Commit]

    To be fair, ND is #18 academically in the U.S.
  6. Swiv3D

    B1G Loser Mentality

    What does TO and BD have anything to do with it? Their league rules were different. They didnt break any rules and the B1G is promoting higher emphasis on the student part of student-athlete. Since most college athletes don't go pro what the B1G does is a good thing and whether or not you like how TO used partial qualifiers, the league allowed him to so he took advantage of it to help make his team better. Nothing wrong with either
  7. "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."
  8. Swiv3D

    Alternate Uniforms 2019

    The problem, I thought, with osu's is they looked like the Corvallis osu
  9. Swiv3D

    Husker Fan Day - August 1st - 5:30-7:30

    Nope but when I worked with the team we'd leave the stadium after practice a few hours before fan day started and the line would already be huge. Just looked so stupid to be standing in line for that long just for autographs and pictures of college kids
  10. Swiv3D

    Husker Fan Day - August 1st - 5:30-7:30

    Either way, if you're attending fan day without kids, you're weird
  11. Swiv3D

    Husker Fan Day - August 1st - 5:30-7:30

    I was genuinely wondering and your guys' discussion helped out haha
  12. Swiv3D

    CB Tamon Lynum [Nebraska Commit]

    Doesn't really answer the question but I don't care enough to need an answer tbh
  13. Swiv3D

    2019-2020 NBA

    Imagine thinking that the word owner is racist