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  1. I don't have an awesome beer palate, and idk if it's been talked about on here before, but Confluence brewing is pretty great from here in Des Moines. Did a lot of electrical work for the brewery and their taproom. The owner's pretty cool too
  2. They're playing the D1 teams that we'd be throwing a fit over losing to. And I never said NDSU ran flexbone, I know they don't. What I'm saying is what they do at their competition level doesn't translate well unless they straight up have better athletes than the competition. They do have good athletes, which us how they pull those upsets, but they are not good enough to play a full schedule of those teams (like Frosts UCF beating Auburn). At the top level everyone is good and can beat anyone so relying on 1 way to win doesn't work (overpowering vs. outsmarting) you have to be able to adjust and be creative in how you find ways to win. This team we had this year is a prime example of that. We always had the talent to win games and at times looked really good on offense, but when good coaches made adjustments with equal opposing talent our system held us back from making any adjustments ourselves. We looked great against teams like Buffalo, Fordham, and overpowered a really bad NW purely on talent. Against better teams that resisted, Frost would fall back on bread and butter plays and it wouldn't work. Worked at the lower because he could cheese the team speed compared to the rest of the aac but not here. Defense got worn out since it's out on the field all the time and poof -> 3-9
  3. And again they aren't playing a p5 schedule. NDSU can win games against mediocre p5 teams, but against a full slate of p5 they'd get their s#!t rocked. It's a good system AT THEIR LEVEL of competition
  4. Because they aren't playing at the top level... exactly like I said. If they played a p5 schedule they would get wrecked because of how much smaller they are. It's an offense that requires absolute discipline and no mistakes by the entire unit, perfect for military academys. As we saw at GT, if you can manage to get the horses, you can keep up and win games against less disciplined teams but it does not attract the offensive players needed for P5 and isn't a good long term option
  5. Because people are lazy and don't understand that those offenses are actually built to try to overcome talent deficiencies and size differences due to military academies being naturally smaller. Run well it can be effective because of all the eyewash but it's extremely limited and can be adjusted to pretty quick. Anybody who played hs football in Iowa and played Ankeny up until their split knows it's an offense that's tricky, but once you figure out the motions and your keys it's becomes super easy to guess the desired hole. Blow the play up from the start and it's even more screwed. That's why teams that run it need a good defense too. It is not designed for scoring explosions. It's designed to maintain control of the game and make you out think yourself. It's a terrible offense for this level of football
  6. And then it was magically fixed once a real coach from outside memorial stadium was able to work with him.
  7. The problem is it sounds like the players leaving are the pissed off ones lol
  8. I'll admit at times this year I was bracing for 3rd and Chinander to strike even though I knew damn well the defense had been way better lol
  9. Heard through the grape vine he's at least keeping options open. Our defense will simply not be as good next year. Losing too many important pieces. If he has a step up job offer now would be the time to take it
  10. So how we all feeling about Chins maybe looking around?
  11. I was irritated after going to the Illinois game, and not thrilled after going to the Oklahoma game because the same issues as the last 4 years were the reason why we lost. Since then I've been totally meh about it. Went to the Iowa Knotfest instead of watching Michigan State. Watched the rest of the games but didn't feel much after because they felt status quo. My dad didn't buy the season tickets we'd since 2001 again this year and we're glad we didn't. Wanted Frost gone but he's back for one more year so I'm not gonna waste time fretting over what I can't control. I'll still root for this team and probably watch most of the games next year but I've got more important things to worry about in my life than Husker football
  12. Seatgeek this morning was showing $26 pre fees
  13. I wouldn't say it's worse than it was 4 years ago. That team was something else, mentally. This team at least looks like they could win games... unfortunately they play for the worst coaching staff in the country
  14. Yeah it was entertaining. I was glad we fired Bo and wanted him gone (until we hired Riley) but he was fun to listen to here. My only real interaction with him was back at a high school football camp in Lincoln where I was hurt and hanging out on the sideline. He stopped by me to see what was going on. Turned out not to be a good fit here but he was cool to me personally
  15. So... Mike Riley... was in a Lincoln Bar... with a high school football prospect... yeah ok
  16. I prefer the original version of that song by NIN
  17. Guys stop blaming Austin, the next O-line coach would be teaching the exact same scheme that frost wants, and it would go just as badly. Replacing any of the offensive assistant coaches isn't going to fix the scheme issues
  18. Trust me, I was at the game, they were open. All the Illinois fans around me kept asking why we didn't bench martinez
  19. No, his missed throws were fricken terrible. Being at the game those receivers he missed looked even more wide open. Same thing as the last 3 years. He's not a good quarterback.
  20. This was a good post for a pelini team, not a team that's gonna struggle to win 3 games
  21. Yeah you were there back on the old Landthieves cr threads with me right? (I had a different username there) I thought I remembered Flugar being the "journalist" that just liked to throw out random cr theories because eventually one would stick and he could claim to be in the know
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