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  1. Well, it's happening. There is no excuse for 4 years of this s#!t. Enjoy your free time on game days.
  2. They played em close. No blowouts this year!
  3. I love this team. It is heartbreaking to see that it is worse than it was 4 years ago.
  4. Talk is cheap. Let's see where people stand.
  5. We didn't learn a thing from the Minnesota game that we knew already and for some time.
  6. Hmmm. That's not making me feel good about it either. The person in the article felt it was definitive. That is very very interesting that back then that he couldn't say "No, he will be back next year." Things were probably being set up just in case.
  7. I feel like with the all reds, the jerseys and pants don't quite match. It bugs me. All white is where it's at though. That should be the norm.
  8. It's possible but I don't remember that and don't believe any AD coming into this situation would commit to something like that.
  9. I agree, Frost's body language is just getting worse. He can ride off into the sunset and not want for anything the rest of his life but his assistants still need those paychecks. If we've learned anything about Frost, he is loyal to a fault.
  10. Thats true. But anyone thinking it means Frost is staying is delusional. We are at a point where each side is only seeing/hearing what they want. What Trev said also doesn't mean that Frost is gone either. He simply punted the decision. It was a smart NON COMMITTAL move. If I had to venture a guess...Trev is hoping one of 2 things happen, the feelers he has orchestrated to potential replacements get a bite and talks heat up. OR Frost gets to 6 wins. Either of these would make Trev's job very very easy. Until then? Punt to the end of the season, which any AD should, and see what happens.
  11. Trev could have said "Frost will be back in 2022" It would have been easy. Just one single sentence. He did not. Frost needs to win. The things Trev said, he would also say if Frost got fired, that he was proud of him and enjoyed working alongside him. He is protecting the program. No coach would ever come here if the AD wasn't supportive and that is what Trev is doing. He is supporting Scott. This is appealing to coaches. If Scott rattles off some wins, then Trev can announce the day after a win that Scott is staying. If Scott doesn't win? Expect more supportive messaging like this.
  12. We can't beat the teams we out recruit, what do people think is going to happen when those teams start out recruiting us? The small class size holds no water. Look at our average recruit rating. If we keep Frost and he only wins 1 or 2 more games then this class is toast. Arguably worse off than a transition class with a new coach. To anyone preaching of the transfer portal, that is a two way street. We have guys that could contribute to talented teams. After a few years of losing records, the grass is going to look awfully greener on the other side. Frost needs to get to 6 wins to demonstrate there is improvement. Another losing season is just poison in any recruit's living room. Why commit to a coach that won't be around much longer or commit to a coach who hasn't had a winning season in 4 years at a school?
  13. He beat the teams of lesser talent. When I look at his losses. Early on, we may have had more raw talent and lost to more experienced teams but we took care of business. The issue was our talent graduated for the most part after 2001. We didn't have the coaching to coach around our lack of talent. It sure was nice beating the teams we were supposed to beat.
  14. You misunderstand me. Due to the situation, money has been lined up, in the event he doesn't win enough games the rest of the way.
  15. They have the money lined up to buy him out. Frost has to win some games to return. He has no one else to blame but himself for being in this situation.
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