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  1. My point average is solid......my teams just bowed out early. Which only confirms I may be the worst gambler on planet Earth!
  2. I’ve seen nothing that makes me think this (Vegas consideration) is anything more than rumor. Anyone have verified info?
  3. I'll give this a spin.... #1 Seed - Arizona (1) #2-4 Seed -Kentucky (2) and Duke (2) #5-8 Seed -Iowa (5) and Alabama (6) #9-12 Seed - UAB (12) and Michigan (11) #13-16 Seed -Vermont (13) and Chattanooga (13)
  4. I know. Here’s why: Threw a terrible ball. Divisive in the locker room. Shielded by the greatest oline in college football history. Good? Absolutely. But not in my top three quarterbacks.
  5. Get ready for a hot take: Tommie Frazier was overrated.
  6. Being the nicest fans in the country is stupid. I wish it was more intimidating atmosphere and not necessarily pleasant.
  7. I agree with this 100%. It’s almost like we know each other……
  8. My hot take is the opposite. Block N is great…..script N from the 90’s is terrible.
  9. Solid hot take. Few would agree with this. Well done.
  10. I wish Frost bottom 5 coaches was a hot take. I’m not sure it is!
  11. The Gooooo…….Big……..Re-ed (Go Big Red) chant is super annoying.
  12. Frost stays. Nebraska has made progress. Two key pieces of evidence: -Best defense in ten years. AND -I was in Ann Arbor in 2018 for Nebraska/Michigan. I was in Lincoln for Nebraska/Michigan in 2021. Stevie Wonder could see the difference in those teams.
  13. I have no interest in a coaching search. The team has made progress. No….not there yet. But I’m willing to wait longer. GBR!
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