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  1. Want progress examples? Our best defense in over ten years with three of our losses against teams who remain undefeated. More progress examples? I was in the stadium in Ann Arbor for Michigan three years ago. I was in Lincoln for Michigan two weeks ago. Anyone who did the same sees the obvious progress. Remarkable progress in fact. Throw a weird Covid year in there and that wasn’t that long ago. We knew this was a long term project. Was this a successful season? No. But I have no interest in going a different direction with head coach barring multiple crazy blow outs or obvious off-the-field or legal issues. For those who want Frost fired today….how did you feel after the Michigan loss two weeks ago? Probably pretty good. Heartbreaking loss. But we were close. All the Minnesota loss told me was that we still have a ways to go. And I am willing to wait a little longer to find out. That being said, I expect to see some staffing changes.
  2. Maybe that’s the issue. Perhaps a few players voted to not give a crap today?
  3. I learned that while Nebraska has made progress, they aren’t as far along as I thought they were earlier this week. I learned as good of a dude Adrian is, he is not a prime time player and crumbles under pressure. I learned Austin Allen will be a very rich man someday. I learned that coaching this generation has to be frustrating. Really hard to motivate and keep them driven. I see it at my workplace as well. I leaned that parity in college football is more real than ever. I learned that post board fans still overreact.
  4. Spin it any way you want…..Frost remains Fleck’s b!^@h. Until he proves otherwise.
  5. Adrian certainly didn’t lose this game. But 90% of that safety was on him. And yes, he is not a prime time money player. It’s not personal……He’s just not.
  6. I like Adrian….seems like a good dude and represents NU well. But some people thrive under pressure and win and some don’t. AM doesn’t.
  7. I have zero complaints with the defense. Zero. That’s being said…..I think we are at least 1-2 years away from any NU coaches getting promising offers. We have to fully dust off the “laughing stock of college football” vibes first.
  8. As a UNL grad who attended from 94-98…..Ive been to a lot of games. However, I last attended a home game in 2014 when Nebraska knocked off Miami. Kids, schedules, gravitating towards mediocrity, etc. have all kept me away. I have preferred away games actually. I was in Memorial Stadium Saturday night against Michigan and it was unreal. Never seen anything like it. I can’t wait to get back there and can’t imagine an atmosphere better than that night. There is something special happening down there…it’s just a different feeling. GBR!
  9. Yes. As long as I’m not hungover.
  10. We can all agree that Iowa is certainly not worthy of a top five ranking and beatable. That being said, NU just now needs to progress to beating the teams they SHOULD beat. That is where the Minny, Purdue and Wisky games come in. These are teams that have beaten us recently yet we are better than this year. No slip ups. Iowa and Ohio State are beatable but good opponents. I won’t let losses to those teams ruin the season. The only game truly unexplainable this year is Illinois. Next year….the expectation is to start to knock off a few of the big dogs.
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