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  1. I'm also hoping Ruud shows he can develop Henrich and Hannah as well as Snodgrass if hes even at ILB anymore. Henrich and Hannah were considered major wins...let's see if Ruud can develop in his first coaching gig
  2. Which is why I'm surprised we backed off on Hodges...at this point take an extra JUCO at the spot and pray one of the two pan out
  3. He probably puts ketchup on steak that he likes well done...
  4. Also why is Legrone walking in and asking if he can dip his stick in too....like dude plenty of women in Lincoln that would chase your jersey no need to sword fight with your teammate. Regardless I have no issue with the way Frost handled it as he did it perfectly in my opinion. Suspend from all activities as soon as you are notified by the university then see the universities ruling.
  5. Nothing says football like a 50 year old infant alien
  6. We just snagged a walk on JUCO kicker from IWCC 3 for 3 it appears
  7. We will almost always finish 4th in recruiting each cycle just like we will this year. Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State will outrank us literally every single year.
  8. We just have zero proof he can develop yet
  9. Might allow us to have Ty Robinson play inside? Just spitballing here
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