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  1. Yep, Sean would know, he is posted up at the local HyVee Chinese food spot.
  2. why would they want to move down a level?
  3. You dont need a RB coach if you dont run the ball. This is the evolution. Frost killed the FB and now hes killing the RB lol
  4. That is why the rumors were that they were going to him and "moving" Whipple along so to speak.
  5. Yeah MJ is the level of assistant that if we go a different direction for HC you keep him here.
  6. What makes the most sense is not having Dawson, Chins take over OLB and Busch does your ST and RC.
  7. Or is it? Dun dun duuuuuunnnnnnnn
  8. Hes the coldest and it is warm down in the boot. Get him into his natural environment and watch him thrive
  9. Yes, Whipple OC and Donnie as OL.
  10. Husker.com as well as Josephs twitter page etc dont show him as recruiting coordinator. Held used to have it labeled on his title. My assumption was Joseph was hired as the WR Coach, Associate HC and Passing Game Coordinator. Didn't see any reports of recruiting coordinator being added to his long list of responsibilities as well. Perhaps I suck at reading, wouldnt be the first time ha
  11. Got a link so I can look like an idiot?
  12. His title is WR Coach, Associate Head Coach and Passing Game Coordinator Where has that been reported?
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