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  1. I expected Weaver (#50) to look different in terms of his frame.
  2. I heard with OU and Texas the annual tv revenue would be around 1.2 billion for the conference.
  3. What if you just take the top 6 from the PAC12 and let the remaining and the leftover Big XII form their own conference?
  4. I dont mind peach jam but my grandma always made one heckuva apricot jam
  5. that is literally all we have had over the last several years. We "hope" we are better this year.
  6. people hate him because he likes to question things, it is the entire purpose of his show. With covid he has portrayed vaccine hesitancy but I again dont see an issue with having hesitancy. Shouldnt we all be somewhat hesitant when getting an experimental EUA vaccine?
  7. precisely, which I touched on a bit earlier. People trust the government less and less. I mean if we are all honest we know they are full of ish and have been for decades. When you don't know when to trust them or not it creates hesitancy.
  8. Hopefully a lot of these guys have killer senior years and show they are underrated.
  9. Is it bad to get vaccinated more than once? I mean 10lbs of beef is 10lbs of beef.
  10. What would you give each side as a percentage as it relates to their negative impact leading up to and during the pandemic? Personally I would go something like Right Wing 60% left wing 40% in terms of negative impact. So technically you could say the right wing is slightly more but I want to point out the fact that it wasn't by much. If you take Tucker Carlson and Hannity off the air I would flip it to 60% left and 40% right.
  11. Both is my answer and they did it in their own unique ways at different points throughout and leading up to the pandemic. Again it isnt anti-mask/vaccine it is pro-choice which I find funny to some extent but that is the primary driving force I have heard on Fox. Basically the same viewpoint as Trump. Not surprisingly at all. The left wing media aligns with Biden and the right wing media aligns with Trump. I think we would have been up a crick without a paddle regardless of who was in charge based on the fact that it was an election year. I just miss the days of watching the news and hearing t
  12. Why are the most hesitant populations minorities then?
  13. Are you talking about like OAN or what? Running up to the election all I heard from CNN and MSNBC was how terrible of a job the Trump administration is doing and how Trump is literally killing everyone and then the tune completely changed when the virus was killing people and it wasnt Bidens fault. I have no idea what OAN was saying as thats as helpful as reading the huffingtonpost for unbiased news. Fox has been more pro-choice and critical of the likes of Fauci and hasnt idolized him as a scientific prophet so I guess you could blame them for that. Tucker Carlson I have seen has brought up t
  14. That wasnt the initial message the initial message was that they wont help you at all. Months later he admitted he said that to save them for the medical staffs. Perhaps being transparent and open to the public as the current administration suggests must be done around the vaccine leading up to the election based on the quotes from Joe should have been Dr Fauci's goal instead of lying for a good cause. He has buried himself with people not viewing him as trustworthy. He says you dont need a mask, then he says well i lied they do actually help, then two masks help, then if you are vaccinated yo
  15. Yeah I cant think of anyone else that admitted to misinforming the public on the effectiveness of masks to "save them for the medical staff".
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