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  1. Considering Frost used him as a consultant last season to try to help him figure out what to do and pay him 70k in the process...I am going to assume he is capable of providing valuable feedback to Frost.
  2. We "mutually agreed" to part ways...also known as fired
  3. Someone with high level P5 experience, understands Frosts system. Fantastic WR coach and recruiter....so basically a massive upgrade
  4. News of him leaving died down it appears. If we could replace him with a Lubick level hire it would be a no brainer
  5. Seems as though the guy that told me a week ago that Lubick would be on staff may know something. He also said Beckton was possibly out so 1/2 is ok I guess
  6. Frost likes Lubick a lot.....Walters has underperformed...Frost let him go and hopefully we hear this weekend that Lubick is the guy. Someone who is proven as a WR coach and OC/PGC at the P5 level
  7. This weekend is what i was told....
  8. Lubick! Lubick! Lubick!
  9. Lubick has tons of WR coaching experience....
  10. Best case at this point honestly
  11. I expect that to be the guy. Add Helfrich as analyst and Snyder as special teams analyst
  12. Frost let him go. Mutual is a nice way of saying you are fired
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