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  1. exactly, how many WR do we return with P5 stats and additionally have caught passes from our current QB live?
  2. You get a WR your QB already knows, could be worse additions
  3. I am optimistic with our changes but would still like to see this if you dont mind. Thank you
  4. just dont look under the towel.....someone once did and it resulted in Steven getting in a bit of trouble with the law (true story)
  5. sometimes it takes longer and other times it never arrives.....or so I have heard
  6. is it against the rules to just place roughly 350lbs of idaho potatoes at DT?
  7. What the hell are you talking about? Haha
  8. I never said it was right, wrong or indifferent. I simply said the facts.
  9. I think he is talking about a sweet whiff of victory
  10. Assaulting his girlfriend by slamming her head into a wall. Just get him on the team and have him earn his way back. He can play in the national championship game for us this year.
  11. I think you are Vince. That is basically like the kiss of death from the AD
  12. That doesnt change the fact that it is ironic the person to finally do it at NU was a former player who had a FB behind him in the glory days of NU....
  13. Haarberg isnt injured. Sounds like he is still trying to figure out the speed of the game but has all the tools
  14. We are both happy and it doesnt really matter in the end who was responsible for Ozigbos 1000 yd season. I just dont think Held deserves the credit.
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