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  1. If you add in our transfers (2 high 4 stars) you are easily top 10 and would push Kentucky down to 8 and we would be 7 by a fraction I believe.
  2. Until Wanda is face to face and covered by a 6'6" 300lb DE on the LOS.
  3. Hope you are for doing that across all industries where individuals illegally use the product they manufacture.
  4. we actually know very little about that entire ordeal, seems we moved on pretty quick from that without coming to any further conclusions to the investigations. More often than not the FBI etc drops the ball.
  5. I just believe that if you are a law abiding citizen you should be able to have firearms....if that means more cool if that means the same current amount also cool, if that means less cool too. I will leave it up to the individual to decide if they want to carry their legal firearm. 60 percent of convicted felons admitted that they avoided committing crimes when they knew the victim was armed. Forty percent of convicted felons admitted that they avoided committing crimes when they thought the victim might be armed. Felons report that they avoid entering houses where people are at home because
  6. Ron Brown never seemed to have an issue having a legit RB....
  7. yes. He broke all of Frost's yardage records.
  8. I have heard he has the best arm on the team fwiw
  9. Doesnt hurt when your QB Coach "Guru" says he has a clean stroke and is one clean cat.
  10. completely agree and at this point it all has an asterisk next to our thoughts projections etc because we have seen so very little. From the few clips we have seen he seems to have a clean motion which is something we have been missing for well...a decade haha
  11. Though all we have is a few clips of balls thrown it appears that Haarberg has a much stronger arm than Smothers. From watching both of their tapes it seems like Smothers was a better HS QB but Haarberg appears to be able to let it rip. Maybe our QB savior is from Kearney Catholic and the prophecy will become complete and we will reclaim our glory on the backs of the school that one time beat Scott Frost's alma mater Wood River 91-7 the year Haarberg was born.
  12. I agree with this but I am going to go out on a limb and guess that the two mistakes shown wasnt the only two errors. I hope I am wrong but I am hoping we actually focus on running the damn ball so Martinez can deliver those shots to Betts consistently.
  13. no you have to have a 0 star rating in order to get a 5 star heart rating. the best a 3 star can get is a 2 star heart.
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