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  1. I think he has some, but also some that aren't
  2. Our defense is completely demoralized, they dont even want to be out there. I hope they put Miles Jones, Rahmir Johnson etc in. F it
  3. I would believe you and also realize that Scott and Co are getting the players that fit what they want. I think we all are just surprised we suck this bad
  4. We have ranked higher than Minnesota every year, Wisconsin, Iowa etc etc.
  5. I believe that Frost is a superior X and O coach to Fleck. That was apparent last year when we absolutely gashed them. I think Frost will continue to have Flecks number and I expect our defense to come to play ball and our offense score enough to win. #GBR
  6. If that is the case it makes more sense because his film in my opinion is SOLID.
  7. If we just snag Groce, Delancy III, and Durham as the CBs are currently projecting we jump from 40th to 27th....
  8. This would would else but I still like the idea of the NCAA laughing at CA and seeing them scramble to figure out who they are going to play as they will all be ineligible in NCAA play. Maybe just have the NCAA come out with a watered down version that still excludes all CA schools
  9. I agree with a lot of this, our lines are where development is going to take the longest. I also wonder what would happen if we had an experienced coordinators as sometimes I feel like Frost may be trying to take it all on.
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