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  1. hell put Sean Callahan behind some of those offensive lines
  2. Our QB room this year is Thompson Jr Purdy RS Fr Smothers Soph Haarberg RS Fr Torres Tr Fr Next year without attrition you have. Now if 1 leaves say Smothers for Example because he wants to play you still have 5 scholarship QBs. Thompson Sr Purdy Soph Smothers Jr Haarberg Soph Torres RS Fr Watson Tr Fr Now when this young man would get to campus we would have Purdy Jr Smothers Sr Haarberg Jr Torres Soph Watson RS Fr. We have plenty of time to find a QB to put in the 2024 class or find a transfer like Purdy who would be a RS Fr when he first arrived.
  3. I would gladly welcome Hugh with open arms if we crap the bed this year
  4. Bingo, take Oregon and Washington, let the Pac12 implode faster than it already is.
  5. Agree completely. I personally like the pod idea. If we are at 20 schools 4 pods of 5 if we end up at 24 do 6 schools per pod. Play everyone in your pod and the rest are out of pods games. You then seed your pods for the final 4 and have a mini playoff to crown the conference champion who gets an auto bid to playoffs.
  6. you could see 1 OOC game and rest conference honestly, or a type of spring game vs a smaller school etc. Once these conferences to to the 20-24 range they won't need the NCAA anymore and you could argue they already don't.
  7. I would be more bummed about this if we didnt have Ajay Allen in last years class. We can honestly skip RB this recruiting cycle.
  8. that is where the funds initially allocated for the balloons are going towards.
  9. he sure seems to have a better resume then the rest of the guys in tier 14....
  10. doesnt it basically put them in the following class as grey shirts are where you go part time for fall semester then clock starts in winter?
  11. id prefer we go to 16 teams and go the pods route personally.
  12. no it would relate to Walk Ons that earned scholarships etc. I am simply saying they could "take away" a scholarship for a guy and he magically has a 40k a year NIL deal.
  13. exactly so the 85 scholarships dont really matter.
  14. what if a guy signs an NIL deal that covers all of his costs for school?
  15. we needed impact and depth, I would suggest we got just that with our DL additions.
  16. exactly, how many WR do we return with P5 stats and additionally have caught passes from our current QB live?
  17. You get a WR your QB already knows, could be worse additions
  18. I am optimistic with our changes but would still like to see this if you dont mind. Thank you
  19. just dont look under the towel.....someone once did and it resulted in Steven getting in a bit of trouble with the law (true story)
  20. sometimes it takes longer and other times it never arrives.....or so I have heard
  21. is it against the rules to just place roughly 350lbs of idaho potatoes at DT?
  22. What the hell are you talking about? Haha
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