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  1. I just honestly dont think we will be as good next year. Sure people can argue we lose because of Martinez but often times it is his play that even has us in the 1 score game in the first place. What transfer QB or any transfer for that matter will want to come to NU after 4 losing seasons?
  2. I like the idea of having Chins coach one of the LB spots. I also like the idea of getting rid of Verduzco and using that spot for a Co-OC that actually calls plays and coaches QBs or some variation of that. Then extra spot on defense goes to ST coach. If you are going to keep Busch from leaving I would make him recruiting coordinator and special teams coach in a heartbeat. Regardless of who the HC is.
  3. Because if it has NEVER been done before what have you seen from Frost in 4 years that says "yeah, this guy has all the tools to fix this". If examples do not exist that this has EVER happened before why do we think Frost is the unicorn in the history of college coaching?
  4. What gives you the hope that he can turn it around at this point? Do you know of other examples where coaches with a below.400 win percentage turned in around in year 5 and 6? Historically it would be the ultimate white buffalo. Do we think Frost has it in him to make us a conference title contender?
  5. I also dont think our team will be as good next year unless we hit on a plethora of transfers that can replace guys like Jojo, Toure, Martinez if he doesnt come back etc. It is easier for a new coach to hit the portal because they can bring that level of excitement/change that gives you that recruiting bump. Mel Tucker had an easy proposition after year 1 to the portal. Does Frost in year 5 have the same pull?
  6. Ah yes Lubick turned Huff into a stud his Sr year after he had already developed into an all conference receiver. he received honorable mention his Jr year (before Lubick) and the same honor his senior year (with Lubick).
  7. is his career both UCF and NU he is 9-20 in 1 score games. woohoo 4 at UCF and 5 here if my math is correct.
  8. Which ones not named Scott Frost? If so how did their 4th go?
  9. Would any coach get a 4th year after 3 losing seasons?
  10. I am sorry. Please list the multiple years of elite offensives he orchestrated. Just make sure he was actually the one calling plays in those roles you are going to mention. This fact about Lubick always blows my mind. Lubick promptly accepted the position of wide receivers coach at Ole Miss that same December. Less than a month later, he resigned to take the same position at Baylor. Two months later, he finally made up his mind and accepted a position back in the Pac-12, without ever coaching a game for the Rebels or Bears.
  11. You're right he oversaw the partnership between Canvas Credit Union and Colorado State. So I guess he wasnt just a banker he just worked for a bank
  12. Not really considering the amount of points we score. You can't give a full analysis of how he has done because we dont actually know if he calls plays, doesnt call plays etc. We know our receivers have looked better. We also know we have a ton of Fr, RS Fr receivers who cant get on the field over walk ons. I wil say he is the only person with a P5 coaching history on Scotts staff that really has any substance to it.
  13. Both are capable of leading us to titles
  14. "Hey Trev, here is 5 mil to help cover any new "football expenses" the saturday after Black Friday"
  15. Who did he replace those coaches with? A banker, who appears to be ok. Can't say much more because we don't actually know if he calls plays or what other than coaching WRs. Then he replaced DeWitt with a coach who was on the staff already. Was an upgrade buuuut I feel like we need some fresh blood injected dont you?
  16. Because it turns into Tom Osborne somehow
  17. I am seeing people on Twitter say Frost needs 2 more years because of how terrible Mike Riley was at ruining the program....He literally won 9 games in year 2 and then had a collapse in year 3. Callahan had a meltdown in his final year but 1st time HC Bo didnt have a problem getting to 9 wins. But Frost, he needs 6 years to fix Nebraska even though no other coach in the history of college football needed that long. People need to stop blaming Riley in year 4. It has been far too long.
  18. 2-2 gets you to 5-7 so what he did year 2. Doesnt move the needle for me and I dont think you will see a contract extension at that point.
  19. If we dropped folks stock based on losing a single game Frost would have been fired years ago.
  20. We disagree on practically everything but I appreciate that we can have a sense of humor about it all ha.
  21. It's hard to rank much lower than Frost in all actuality.
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