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  1. just dont look under the towel.....someone once did and it resulted in Steven getting in a bit of trouble with the law (true story)
  2. sometimes it takes longer and other times it never arrives.....or so I have heard
  3. is it against the rules to just place roughly 350lbs of idaho potatoes at DT?
  4. What the hell are you talking about? Haha
  5. I never said it was right, wrong or indifferent. I simply said the facts.
  6. I think he is talking about a sweet whiff of victory
  7. Assaulting his girlfriend by slamming her head into a wall. Just get him on the team and have him earn his way back. He can play in the national championship game for us this year.
  8. I think you are Vince. That is basically like the kiss of death from the AD
  9. That doesnt change the fact that it is ironic the person to finally do it at NU was a former player who had a FB behind him in the glory days of NU....
  10. Haarberg isnt injured. Sounds like he is still trying to figure out the speed of the game but has all the tools
  11. We are both happy and it doesnt really matter in the end who was responsible for Ozigbos 1000 yd season. I just dont think Held deserves the credit.
  12. He played all 4 years while at NU, True Fresh 200 yds, Soph 400 yds, Jr 500 yds and Senior 1000 yds. He was part of a RB stable those first 3 years and split tons of carries with other backs. He was our leading rusher his JR year and started once Tre Bryant was hurt. Recorded 3 straight 100 yds game to open B1G play that year as well. It wasn't like he was a nobody who was 5th on the depth chart until Held discovered him.
  13. It is kind of crazy to me that the person to kill the FB position was a former husker QB who knew the value of a FB haha
  14. So you would attribute his success to his 1 year with Held and not the vast majority of his career with another RB coach? Why in the following years did we not see a back come close to Ozigbo then? He also was what? 3rd on the depth chart to start the year? Held didnt even think he was worthy.
  15. Our most productive RB is one that wasnt developed by this staff...that tells me all I need to know about how poor Held was as a RB coach. When he left here and ended up at North Alabama that only solidified it. He wasn't even regarded as a capable FBS RB coach.
  16. Hopefully his Uncles and Father pin him down and make him sign to NU haha
  17. You came across snarky so I responded similarly :-) love you Mav.
  18. I apologize, I assumed it was implied in the fact that none of them are expected to return as common knowledge amongst everyone. Please forgive me oh great one.
  19. I understand this but I am simply saying out of the pieces that could come back to make us competitive next year those are the ones I would want. Will it happen? Maybe a 1% chance.
  20. Yep, we will improve with McGowens bros and Walker returning, hopefully we get a true PG and the incoming class is ready to play.
  21. I'd say most are past the grain of salt and are actually taking it with an entire salt mine at this point. I'm talking the amount of salt in the dead sea level of salt.
  22. I'd gladly take Walker back if we actually utilize him correctly. I'm hopeful we get an actual PG in the portal. Not a guy we think can play point.
  23. that picture is flattering, thank you
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