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  1. An architectural marvel. Truly a wonder of the world. This is what it felt like entering Babylon so so many years ago.
  2. if he cleans up his snaps and avoids the injury bug the next couple years he will have his name called at the draft.
  3. home sick are we thinking or not a P5 OL?
  4. I thought we only offered QBs committable offers?!??!?!?!!?
  5. Because MJ is deciding rather soon and just visited for the Spring Game.....
  6. I think that is everyone, I like flashes of what I have seen out of all of them but have seen zero consistency from any of them as well. That may mean while in the game or being available to be in a game etc.
  7. he is a fantastic follow on all social media.
  8. none is my response haha If I were in a high risk category I would have already taken the vaccine as the risk/reward would have been quite different and much easier to measure. But there is a large portion that will not get the shot simply because they watch too much tiktok. I would also imagine making the shot even easier to get where you can literally just walk in and get it will help knock a few percent points off the unvaccinated portion. We can agree that America is lazy.
  9. But does it show that further investigation and reviewing of additional trial and data has been done to ensure the safety of the vaccine. Especially when you are not traditional retirement age and older. I know it will not change the science but I also know it is easier to trust something that has gone through the actual full blown approval than has not.
  10. I accept payment in Dogecoin
  11. Haha I am not the one who started it.
  12. I also believe a portion of the population is waiting for actual FDA approval. The FDA approval piece is important to not only a portion of the population but also some of those in the medical field such as my Dr. She has advised against getting the vaccine until it has undergone the proper scrutiny if you are not in a high risk category and under 40. I am in the portion of the population who has yet to get the vaccine. Luckily Pzifer and BioNtech have started the filing for full FDA authorization today.
  13. I believe he resides in Wisconsin.
  14. Yep, this is a kid that you have redshirt and take the reigns as a RS Soph in the perfect world.
  15. I love how this lives on for the last several years lol
  16. If our line is improved as well are all suspecting it will be I am going to be really excited for the future. This line in 2 years could be something very special and allow our underclassmen skill players the opportunity to truly shine with elite play in the trenches.
  17. Now if we could just get the vast amount of Americans to understand that Knapp.
  18. the other side of the duopoly that exists to keep Americans divided into two spaces and at each others throat so they can leach off of our tax dollars and make themselves rich in the process?
  19. Oh I agree, I think he is going to have the momentum to be the pick for the GOP. I just wonder how it will all work with Trump etc. Depending on how 2022 goes it will be interesting to see.
  20. I view her as the AOC of the right. Spews lots of nonsense and catches headlines and that is about it.
  21. I appreciate his base beliefs in what the government is meant for. Unfortunately over the Trump presidency he has sort of lost his way in my opinion. He was who I was pushing for in 2016 in the GOP. His dad was the president we all deserved and needed to try to reset the duopoly but here we are. It really sucks to imagine the choices for 2024 are going to be 2 older and more senile versions of 2020....If either of them makes it there.
  22. I could see DeSantis as a viable candidate in the GOP however it seems like most are slotting him as Trumps VP pick on the 2024 ticket. If Trump decides not to run I would put my money on DeSantis as the front runner. Rumblings of Tim Scott as the "future" of the party seem to have gone by the wayside this year as well. I would go for a Rand Paul if he became more like his father haha.
  23. didnt know about the injury, I thought it was because he transferred HS and had to sit out.
  24. hopefully we get to see him at Spring Game
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