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  1. So if Colorado loses to top 10 teams two weeks in a row after winning 1 game last season some sort of facade is exposed?
  2. Nebraska defense 8 sacks Shadeur Sanders 0 turnovers
  3. Deion doesn't need to coach. He's a recruiter. Think any highly rated quarterbacks will have Colorado on their short list?
  4. Sanders hired what might be one of the best assistant coaching staffs in the country.. .....and I'd guess Nebraska's team chemistry is now a hundredfold more ugly than Colorado's Colorado is the model for college football now, especially with the portal. Hire a celebrity head coach and let him bring in the best assistant coaches in his rolodex. There's no question who made the better hire.
  5. I really did not intend for this ti be such a big deal.....but what different story are you referring to that Sanders told?
  6. You accused me of fabricating......you used the word twice in your accusation. I didn't fabricate. So you moved your goalpost......
  7. Regarding your highlight, safety Silmon-Craig said that was a reason he was asked to follow Sanders. It's probably at least not too "fabricated" that you'd bring your starting quarterback son....among other top players from almost each position group. But no, not fsbricated.
  8. It was about the number of players leaving AND how to replace them. My point is Sanders has an exponentially better chance of replacing then with better players and he has a small core group he brought from Jackson State to provide leadership. SSO is predicting Sanders failure based on roo many players leaving and the inability to replace them. My "face value" take is Sanders has the ability to replace them. I'm a Frazier fan too. Dropped in last summer at Big Red of the Rockies for photos and autograph session with him.
  9. The comparison link is in the Colorado game thread. It was SSO. And as I pointed out there, SSO knows his stuff, but this comparison is a reach. Sanders is tenfold the recruiter that Frazier was. And Frazier didn't already have a rolodex of talented transfers like Sanders has. If I heard correctly, Sanders got four incoming transfers yesterday including two on the DL. The comparison to Frazier at Doane is a complete stretch.
  10. SSO has great insights. But comparing Frazier at Doane to Sanders at CU is way off. Sanders is bringing in a multitude of transfers, with a core of them being feom Jackaon Stste.....including the #1 player in the country from 2022. And several of the transfers from lower levels were top performers.....similar to when Busch brought in high performing kickers from lower divisions. And the group of assistants Sanders brought in is more impressive than any of Nebraska's last three staffs. ......so kinda like Frazier at Doane. Except not at all. I think SSO is more wishful than accurate with this one.
  11. The post I was responding to was referring specifically to OL height which is what I posted about.
  12. The NFL has 16 at 6'8" and only 3 under 6'4".
  13. .......and apparently Prime's wardrobe since you responded to that.
  14. I can do without quotes like this before the defense under these coaches has played a season in the B1G.
  15. At least we now have a qualified, experienced WR coach.
  16. Your literally typed that your point was if Raiola doesn't commit to us. You have doesn't in all caps.
  17. I'm saying if Raiola verbals somewhere other than Nebraska in March, Rhule will keep recruiting him and there'd be no question about an availability for him.
  18. I'm well aware of your thoughts on Pelini and really who cares any longer. Once he was fired, that was it. With Perlman however, he got rid of both his nemeses Pelini and Osborne and then had every opportunity at his disposal to put in place first the athletic director then the head coach to help Nebraska football take the next step....which was not just playing for, but winning conference championships. You can spend pages letting us know for the umpteenth time how you feel about Pelini. Perlman let us know in his retirement speech how well he handled Nebraska football. ......and this was after asking Osborne to save his arse after the Pederson debacle.
  19. The only "commit" that matters is the signed dotted line which can't happen until December 2023 at the earliest.
  20. Former recruit Hayden Moore's HS And Jack Stoll's
  21. We need to worry about how we're doing versus other B1G teams. I thought we weren't worried about Prime?.......
  22. Well, since the CU AD has literally said they don't have the money it's not exactly rumor. What they are referring to is his full contract, not his immediate salary.
  23. Which method have we been begging for the past 2-5 years?
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