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  1. Hey Mavric any chance included transfers eligibility in their profile?
  2. Husker fans are crazy about keeping assistants. People are out on Twitter listing like 5 coaches they hope Rhule keeps. The team won 4 games, not happening.
  3. I mean I dunno if he’s the right guy or not but trying to compare him to Mike Riley is a big reach.
  4. Maybe, I think that’s any easy choice absent in a vacuum. But it sounds like plenty of donors and a surprisingly high number of fans wanted Frost back. So if he fires him last year there is that group of fans that think he would’ve had a good season. This horrific start to the season for most of those fans on board of the fire Frost train (although I still see more than I’d think defending him). That being said I’m not sure which would have been the correct choice.
  5. The hosts didn’t seem to know either or there’s no way they would’ve been talking about that stuff.
  6. O no doubt, I was just saying the reality of it hit a bit different coming from a rep of the university (obviously not meant for the airwaves).
  7. This has been crazy. I was really in the dark on this. Just saw the hot mic video from Brenden Stai which was surprising to see from inside the University, not that I didn’t believe there was some fire to go with all the smoke.
  8. Yeah that ending to the half seemed like the only way they didn’t get boos coming off the field.
  9. Frost has always talked about getting certain players involved and then it never happens. Frost has always talked about getting certain players involved and then it never happens.
  10. I don’t know if our backs are the problem. O-line has not been great.
  11. Wtf are you talking about? The QB has been the best part of the team today. That’s what I was thinking.
  12. That was supposedly our strength from every “analyst”
  13. My god. People just want to be mad. Just like others said, it’s coach speak, just boiler plate language when answering questions for the media. If he was at Nebraska he’d say something similar.
  14. When it comes down to it, the quarterback won’t matter if the coaches don’t get things fixed.
  15. If the o-line is junk what’s he supposed to do?
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