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  1. Crazy how this looks when the QB can complete passes and not turn the ball over.
  2. We are going to lose by a last second freaking FG.
  3. Does Tony White coach offense also? Need something.
  4. Defense is gonna have to score the way this is going.
  5. Yeah glad we scored but hate the play call. Thought Bonner was going to get tackled for a loss. Good play by him.
  6. Disagree, he’s the only one getting targeted by the QB on a regular basis. The Freshman WR’s have been open. I don’t want to just bag on the QB but that is hindering them making plays.
  7. I feel like the pass has been there most games. Luckily we don’t play a ton of game changing QBs.
  8. Don’t love this. Hopefully the D can get back to it. Hard to come back out from a delay like that with the same intensity.
  9. I’d love one of these 7 min drives. Or I’d take a 70 yard run also
  10. I’m not gonna at like an expert my guess is he got away with it because the WR initiated the contact.
  11. This is how wins are going to look this year. Get used to it or your gonna give yourself a heart attack on Saturdays.
  12. I mean I’m not gonna judge the other 2 too hard for that one sorta possession but I do think if there was a better option than Sims he wouldn’t have been starting the second half.
  13. Ugh, hung the Blackshirts out to dry most of the half. They are killing it but can’t hold up if we give them all those short fields.
  14. I mean, we don’t have much left for this years recruiting class. Now if your saying we will have decommits and/or miss out on these last few guys then yeah I could maybe see that.
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