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  1. I wouldnt be surprised if Parsons was a silent commit. Keeping in mind he is probably a silent commit to Penn State and Ohio State too. Assuming kids can be a silent commit to multiple schools.
  2. I am sure he is 100%. I just think its odd he is the only commit who did not post his nebraska offer tag. 9/10 did. Its a small thing, but the timing of it has to be looked at with all the rumors swirling. Come monday when Cameron Brown probably commits to Nebraska I will be looking for 2 things and if they dont happen I cant help but scratch my head a little harder. 1. Bookie is the peer recruiting master right, our last few commits he has been in the know and posts a tweet with N about an hour before commitment. See if that happens. 2. If 1 doesnt happen, lets see if he comments or re-tweets or comments at all about being jacked up about another big pick up for the 18 class. Like I said above, I think he is coming to Nebraska and wont flip for anyone. I look at actions more than words. How many coaches in the last 10 years have had a press conference swearing loyalty to their school. Then a month later they are working somewhere else.
  3. 4 star could be Cameron brown, odds on favorite he commits in a few days
  4. Any insider information for who might be next to commit? There was a flood of CB's for Cam Brown, Tutt and Griffith round friday night lights and everything has gone cold since.
  5. Not freaking out. Just making observations for conversation is all.
  6. Something is definitely off. It may not amount to anything. But I thought it was odd he was "liking" pro-florida comments and he was not "liking" things posted by Parsons and Joshua Moore around the same time that were pro-nebraska comments. Its hard to peer recruit if you are acting hesitant. Joshua Moore came out after the rumors and said nope I am 1000% nebraska. Bookie leaves vague comments like Mute all false speculation. So is he really interested in Florida or is he a 17 year old guy soaking up the attention?
  7. Any updates from anyone in regards to Bookie? I noticed yesterday he was the only commit who did not post his official offer tag. Also I saw a VIP article the other day talking about Florida talking to him but I couldnt read it.
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