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  1. Frost check is dropping the more I think about it. Was 7 is now 5.
  2. 5 is about right. Frost has a ton of potential but I don't think any of us are for sure.
  3. 4 would put you in the unconfident camp. Understandable.
  4. Hurtful. Luckily I'm drinking.
  5. I could name anyone in the thread a "racist" with no proof. They're terrified of it. That's how they control you.
  6. Had to inform the FBI on you. You seemed like an extremist. Enjoy never flying again.
  7. I didn't realize you were taking kitchen as a win. I was playing down to the audience.
  8. Get off the internet beautiful. Not even being a jerk. Just don't think it's for you.
  9. So do you mean 10? 0 is he's a retard that you threatening to murder.
  10. Racial profiling that I totally agree with.
  11. You're OK but I'm sure you don't know the stakes. Pretty good. Hope this is rock bottom.
  12. I said 7. Rate me Ziebol spare no expense
  13. You trying to dox little oh me? Kitchen is just some fun I don't really believe it.
  14. Is this a white knight attempt? Sad! I don't care either way.
  15. Give me your heat check on Frosty at the moment. 10 - Osborne, 0 - Riley vs Minnesota 7 still hot and bothered but get it together
  16. Real talk. The B1G has it against us, we need those 11 am games.
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