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  1. Seeing that Raiola is in play for the 2024 class wouldnt that make the QB coaching hire, the most important hire of the three open positions that are left? I would imagine they will need someone proven because we will be butting heads with the Heisman trophy producing machine Lincoln Riley in his recruitment.
  2. Interesting. Perhaps coach Fischer is staying on with coach Cooper for either the CB’s or Safeties? Interesting
  3. I don’t think I would lump every name you have heard hired for the staff as part of the 10. I think a couple of them will end up being analysts, namely Foley and Knighton.
  4. Jim Leonhard -Big 10 experience, revenge factor. Has been main DC and not co-DC. With that said would be extremely pleased with either.
  5. Doesn’t mean he is recruiting coordinator here. Will see how this plays out with Mickey.
  6. Some more info I can find on Collins. I am still hoping we at least give Leonard a call, but not sure that will happen. I heard a rumor if Snow comes he may be an analyst similar to PAtterson at Texas.
  7. Relationship with Matt Rhule vs with Jimbo. That’s the only reason
  8. The pick six pod cast was good today. Laid it out nicely “ in their opinion” that Rhule is the fall back plan if you don’t get what you want. Mentioned Fickell and Klieman #1 and 2 with Rhule #3. We may end up overpaying for the hire if the top 2 don’t pan out, but I am ok with that as long as we shoot our best shot with the top two.
  9. How obvious will it seem when Trev announces Dave Aranda: -Perfect fit personality -Big 10 defensive guru -Big 12 champion head coach -Three well regarded connections on the Husker staff-Mickey, Busch, and Guinta -Early fever pitch to his candidacy -Recent Dead silence
  10. Disagree, he almost took the Michigan St job, but he and his family decided against joining the toxic culture that was present from that schools scandal. He didn't listen to big time jobs though because Cincinnati was in the playoff and he didn't want to abandon that. Kirk Herbstreit said it was all about the timing which led to that decision. He may choose to stay in Cincinnati, but he has almost left a few times.
  11. I would like this a lot more if he would just do what Lincoln Riley did last season and state specifically he will not be the next HC at Auburn :>)
  12. Curious, I have never seen that quoted anywhere. When did he say that? What I found was he almost left for Michigan St but his family didn’t want that culture at the time which was a mess because of the scandal. He also turned down the opportunity for great jobs because his team was in the playoffs and the timing wasn’t right. I don’t blame him for seeing that one through.
  13. Oh yeah. He is much better than hiring Bronco
  14. The Aranda noise went away so quickly I wonder. He fits like a glove.
  15. It goes back to paying for Frosts buyout. If you don't hit a home run with this hire your mission failed. You forfeited a season by not canning him last year and you paid him $7.5M to leave, so you cant screw up the hire by going cheap.
  16. I hate that Trev is going to pretend that morals matter with this hire. Urban and Kiffin can be had for the right price, but because of a foggy background they will be eliminated. I would like to ask Trev one on one over a beer, if you could land Urban Meyer or Lance Leipold who would you pick to coach your team. There is no way he could look me in the eye and say Leipold, no matter how many beers he was slamming.
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